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Image Short Title People Involved Related Fields
Relative Tense in Relative Clauses  (2015) Toshiyuki Ogihara Semantics
上代日本語における疑問詞の位置について」[Wh-word positions in Old Japanese]  (2015) Edith Aldridge Japanese, Minimalist Theory, Syntax
A Minimalist Approach to the Emergence of Ergativity in Austronesian Languages  (2015) Edith Aldridge Austronesian, Minimalist Theory, Syntax
Visual cortex of congenitally blind adults responds to syntactic movement (2015) Akira Omaki Syntax
Computational Syntax (2015) Emily M. Bender Computational Linguistics, Syntax
Layers of Interpretation: On Grammar and Compositionality (2015) Emily M. Bender, Woodley Packard Computational Linguistics
Xigt: Extensible Interlinear Glossed Text for Natural Language Processing (2015) Emily M. Bender, Michael Wayne Goodman, Fei Xia Computational Linguistics
Parameters, Processing and Feature Reassembly in the L2 French Determiner Phrase (2015) Julia Herschensohn Bilingualism, French, Second Language Acquisition
Pronoun processing in anglophone late L2 learners of French: Behavioral and ERP evidence (2015) Julia Herschensohn Bilingualism, English, French, Second Language Acquisition
Negation in Nanti: Syntactic Evidence for Head and Dependent Negators (2014) David Inman, Ruth E. Morrison Computational Linguistics, Morphology, Syntax
Enriching ODIN (2014) Emily M. Bender, William Lewis, Michael Wayne Goodman, Fei Xia Computational Linguistics
Towards an Encyclopedia of Compositional Semantics: Documenting the Interface of the English Resource Grammar (2014) Emily M. Bender Computational Linguistics
Language CoLLAGE: Grammatical Description with the LinGO Grammar Matrix (2014) Emily M. Bender Computational Linguistics
Simple Negation Scope Resolution through Deep Parsing: A Semantic Solution to a Semantic Problem. (2014) Emily M. Bender, Woodley Packard Computational Linguistics, Semantics
Learning Grammar Specifications from IGT: A Case Study of Chintang (2014) Emily M. Bender, Michael Wayne Goodman, Fei Xia Computational Linguistics, Syntax
Focus Case Oustide of Austronesian: An Analysis of Kolyma Yukaghir. (2014) Emily M. Bender, Olga Zamaraeva Head Phrase Structure Grammar, Syntax
Perspectives on Phonological Theory and Development The role of onsets in primary and secondary stress patterns (2014) First Language Acquisition, Linguistics, Prosody
Endangered Languages and New Technologies Cover Immediate applications and long-term considerations for endangered languages, technology and learning (2014) Russell Hugo Applied Linguistics, Endangered Languages, Language Pedagogy, Software
Recognition of Stance (2014) Gina-Anne Levow, Valerie Freeman, Alena Hrynkevich, Mari Ostendorf, Richard Wright, Julian Yui-Hin Chan Acoustics and Psychoacoustics, Computational Linguistics, Dialog, Phonetics, Prosody, Speech Processing
Phase Theory. An Introduction.  (2014) Barbara Citko Syntax
Bag, beg, bagel: Prevelar raising and merger in Pacific Northwest English (2014) Valerie Freeman
Adviser: Alicia Beckford Wassink
Dialectology, Phonetics, Sociolinguistics, Sociophonetics
Hyperarticulation as a signal of stance (2014) Valerie Freeman
Adviser: Richard Wright
Discourse Analysis, Phonetics, Sociolinguistics
Measuring Grammatical Complexity (2014) Frederick Newmeyer, Laurel Preston Grammar, Linguistics
Parentheticals and the Grammar of Complementation (2014) Frederick Newmeyer Linguistics, Grammar
Getting the Word Out: The Early Generativists' Multi-Pronged Efforts to Diffuse their Ideas (2014) Frederick Newmeyer Linguistics