Undergraduate Research Opportunities

The opportunity to do research as an undergraduate is available to all linguistics undergraduates. The Research Opportunities section in the website is designed to help connect you with these opportunities by:

Note: Be aware that though we work to update the website and direct you to many useful links, we may not have all the Linguistics Research listings especially if they are from a different department.

The Department of Linguistics offers 499 credits to students who are interested in participating in undergraduate research. These are assumed to be graded unless you have made other arrangements with a faculty member. The number of credits you take corresponds with hours that you would work on your project, where each credit is 3 hours of work. These should be arranged with the faculty member with whom you work. You can verify with the Humanities Academic Services Center how these may be used to fill your degree and graduation requirements.

Getting Started

There are many ways to get started including those listed below:

  • Come up with a project idea or topic you would like to work on. Use the faculty directory to find a faculty member who would supervise your work.
  • Look for a current project that has been advertised on the faculty member whose work interests you and contact them about research opportunities or ideas you may have.