People - Faculty

Photo of Emily M. Bender
Professor / GUG 414 C
Office Hours: Autumn (2021): (Most) Mondays 4-5pm & (most) Thursdays 12-1pm & by appointment; online only -- email for Zoom link
Professor and Alternate Graduate Program Coordinator / GUG 415C
Office Hours: Friday 9:30-10:30am and by appointment
Naja Ferjan Ramírez profile photo
Assistant Professor / (206) 543-4503 / Guggenheim 415B
Office Hours: M: 9:30-10:20 or by appointment. Please email for a Zoom link.
Associate Teaching Professor and ASL Language Director / 206-452-0085 / GUG 406
Office Hours: 12:00-2:00 p.m. M-F
Assistant Professor / GUG 415F
Office Hours: M,Tu 11-12; by appointment; Zoom meeting ID: 93704333971
Associate Professor / (206) 616-5728 / GUG 418B
Office Hours: Thursdays noon-12:50, please email for Zoom access
Associate Teaching Professor / (206) 685-3549 / GUG 418C
Office Hours: Autumn 2021: TTH 1:30-2:30p (via Zoom)
Marina Oganyan
Acting Instructor
Professor and Graduate Program Coordinator / GUG 415G
Office Hours: MW 3:30 - 4:30 (Winter 2018)
Linguistics Chair Richard Wright
Professor and Department Chair / (206) 616-2426 / GUG 414B
Office Hours: Fall 2021: Th 11-1 and by appointment
Professor / (206) 543-9764 / Guggenheim 418A
Office Hours: 2:15-3:15pm on Thurs (in-person), 10-11am on Friday (remote via Canvas Conferences, only for ling570 students)

Emeriti Faculty Members

Professor Emeritus
Professor Emerita / no phone / Guggenheim 415K
Office Hours: Spring 2021 online by appointment
Professor Emeritus
Research Professor Emerita
Karen Zagona
Professor Emerita / (206) 685-0979 / GUG 415-K
Office Hours: WTR 2020: Tues 1-3pm and by appointment

Adjunct Faculty Members

An Adjunct member in the Department of Linguistics is a person who holds a primary appointment in another department of the University. This appointment is intended to recognize the contributions to and mutual scholarship with the Department of Linguistics by such faculty members (e.g. serving on graduate committees, teaching cross-listed courses, collaborating on research).

Name Title Email / Phone Home Department
Bilaniuk, Laada M. Adjunct Professor Slavic Languages & Literatures
Bilmes, Jeffrey A. Adjunct Professor Computer Science & Engineering
Chan, Lu Adjunct Associate Professor Asian Languages & Literature
Choi, Yejin Affiliate Associate Professor
Dziwirek, Katarzyna A. Adjunct Professor Slavic Languages & Literatures
Elkhafaifi, Hussein Adjunct Associate Professor Near Eastern Languages & Civilization
Fernandez-Dobao, Ana Adjunct Associate Professor Spanish & Portuguese Studies
Handel, Zev Adjunct Professor Asian Languages & Literature
Kuhl, Patricia K. Adjunct Professor Speech & Hearing Sciences
Max, Ludo Adjunct Professor Speech & Hearing Sciences
Moore, Collette Adjunct Assistant Professor English
Ohta, Amy Adjunct Associate Professor Asian Languages & Literature
Ostendorf, Mari Adjunct Professor Computer Science and Engineering
Osterhout, Lee E. Adjunct Professor Psychology
Prat, Chantel Adjunct Associate Professor of Psychology Psychology
Smith, Maya Adjunct Assistant Professor French & Italian Studies
Smith, Noah A. Adjunct Associate Professor of Computer Science and Engineering Computer Science & Engineering
Stygall, Gail Adjunct Professor English
Tennis, Joseph Adjunct Associate Professor Information School
Yetisgen, Meliha Adjunct Associate Professor Information School
Zettlemoyer, Luke Adjunct Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Engineering Computer Science and Engineering

Affiliate Faculty Members

Name Title Email / Phone Home Department
Aoki, Paul Affiliate Assistant Professor Humanities
Carlson, Greg Affiliate Professor
Culicover, Peter Affiliate Professor
Hoard, James Affiliate Professor
Hugo, Russell Affiliate Assistant Professor Language Learning Center
Kahn, Jeremy Affiliate Assistant Professor Linguistics
Lewis, William Affiliate Assistant Professor Linguistics
Marin, Alex Affiliate Assistant Professor
Odden, David Affiliate Professor
Park, Eun Hae Affiliate Assistant Professor
Park, Jungyeul Affiliate Assistant Professor Linguistics
Sano, Kyoko Affiliate Assistant Professor
Song, Yan Affiliate Assistant Professor
Tjalve, Michael Affiliate Assistant Professor
Toutanova, Kristina Affiliate Assistant Professor