For Faculty - Visiting Scholars

Information for Visiting Scholars

Our program requires that a Visiting Scholar have a Ph.D. If you do have a Ph.D., we would be happy to consider your request after reviewing one or two of your recent publications, and your statement outlining your research plans while in residence here.

The Department provides no funds for VSs and requires that they provide evidence of sufficient funding to cover travel costs and living expenses while at UW. Please visit the International Scholars Office for information. 

Visiting Scholars, after being accepted, are required to pay the University of Washington the fees to cover the cost of visa processing for the visiting scholar and each family member who requires a visa. Also, Visiting Scholars must pay an additional SEVIS fee. See the ISO website for current fee rates. 

Do not send any money unless we ask you to. Please send your materials (publications and statement of plans) to:

Department Chair

Richard Wright
Department of Linguistics
Box 352425
University of Washington
Seattle, WA 98195-2425

Unfortunately, our resources are quite limited: while as a Visiting Scholar you will be able to sit in on all classes offered by the Department, attend all of our functions, and have free use of the library, it is unlikely that we would be able to provide you with your own desk and office. 

Visiting Scholars should expect to participate in departmental life and experience UW and Pacific Northwest culture with a range of activities. Visiting Scholars, at the end of their stay here, are expected to present an oral report to the Department on their research accomplishments while in residence.