Electives in Other Departments

The following list of linguistics classes offered by other departments may be used to satisfy the elective requirement for majors and minors. Classes offered by departments other than Linguistics which are cross-listed with Linguistics classes are not listed here.

This list is necessarily fluid, updated annually or more frequently, as courses are dropped or added by various departments or as it is brought to the attention of the Linguistics Department faculty that the content of a course is not sufficiently language-related or duplicates an existing Linguistics Department course. Thus the following list of applicable courses differs from previous lists, particularly versions of this brochure published prior to Autumn 90. While you are only required to select courses from the list that was in effect at the time you declared your major, you also have the option of choosing courses from the most recent, updated list.

Classes that are not on this list may still be applicable to the elective requirement if the class focuses on linguistics or language structure. You are encouraged to bring classes that are potential candidates for this list to the attention of the undergraduate adviser.

Classes at the 500 and higher levels are intended for graduate students, but many instructors in 500-level classes allow undergraduates who have the appropriate preparation to enroll in them. You should check with the instructor before registering for any graduate class.

Like language classes, not all of the classes listed here are offered every year. Check with the department that offers the class to find out how often it is taught. Also, many of the classes listed in this section have prerequisites, which may or may not be applicable to the elective requirement.

If you are interested in a particular topic for which there is no course offering, consider enrolling in Undergraduate Research (LING 499) for 1-5 credits per quarter to pursue your interest. You would need to find a faculty member to supervise your independent study. Students who declared the major before Summer 2002 may have a different set of requirements.

NOTE: Courses that are infrequently taught are in parenthesis.


ANTH 359 Linguistic Ethnography
ANTH 559 Seminar in Language and Culture
ANTH 464 Language Politics and Cultural Identity

Asian Languages and Literature

ASIAN 404 Writing Systems
ASIAN 503 Seminar in Asian Linguistics
ASIAN 518 Foreign Language Teaching Methodology

CHIN 342 The Chinese Language
CHIN 442 The Chinese Language
CHIN 443 Structure of Chinese
CHIN 531, 532, 533 Studies in Chinese Phonology
CHIN 540 Seminar on Chinese Linguistics
CHIN 542 Chinese Historical Phonology
CHIN 558 Seminar in Chinese Lexicology and Grammatonymy

JAPAN 342 The Japanese Language
JAPAN 343 Japanese Language in Society
JAPAN 441 The Acquisition of Japanese as a Second or Foreign Language
JAPAN 443 Topics in Japanese Sociolinguistics
JAPAN 540 Seminar on Japanese Linguistics


CL LI 501 Comparative Phonology of Greek and Latin

Computer Science & Engineering

CSE 311 Foundations of Computing I
CSE 447 Natural Language Processing

Education Curriculum & Instruction

EDC&I 359 Second-Language Learning in Schools and Communities
EDC&I 453 Teaching the Bilingual-Bicultural Students


ENGL 369 Research Methods in Language and Rhetoric
ENGL 371 English Syntax
ENGL 372 Language Variation in Current English
ENGL 373 History of the English Language
(ENGL 472 Language Learning)
ENGL 478 Language and Social Policy
(ENGL 479 Language Variation & Language Policy in North America)
ENGL 560 The Nature of Language: History and Theory
ENGL 562 Discourse Analysis
ENGL 563 Comparative Grammars
ENGL 575 Pedagogy and Grammar in Teaching ESL


GERM 452 History of the German Language
GERM 518 Foreign Language Teaching Methodology

Near Eastern Languages and Civilization

NEAR E 335 Language Conflict and Identity in the Middle East & N. Africa
NEAR E 359 Language and Ethnic Identity in China
NEAR E 432 Arabic Sociolinguistics


PHIL 120 Introduction to Logic
PHIL 453 Introduction to the Philosophy of Language
PHIL 464 Philosophical Issues in the Cognitive Sciences
PHIL 470 Intermediate Logic
PHIL 471 Advanced Logic
PHIL 472 Axiomatic Set Theory
PHIL 474 Modal Logic


PSYCH 306 Developmental Psychology
PSYCH 355 Cognitive Psychology
(PSYCH 402 Infant Behavior & Development)
(PSYCH 414 Cognitive Development)
(PSYCH 460 Cognitive Neuroscience)

Romance Languages and Literature 

FREN 222 Human and Machine Translation
FREN 320 French Language and Cultural Identity

SPAN 398 Topics in Spanish Linguistics
SPAN 407 Bilingualism: Made in USA 
SPAN 498 Applied Spanish Linguistics

Scandinavian Languages and Literature

SCAND 372 Old Norse Icelandic
SCAND 460 History of the Scandinavian Languages
SCAND 465 Translation Workshop in Nordic and Baltic Languages
SCAND 500 Introductory Readings in Old Icelandic
SCAND 501 Old Icelandic Language and Literature
SCAND 515 Translation in Scandinavian Studies
SCAND 518 Foreign Language Teaching Methodology
SCAND 565 Translation Workshop in Nordic and Baltic Languages
SCAND 594 Modern Methods and Materials in Teaching Scandinavian and Baltic Languages

Slavic Languages and Literatures

RUSS 451 Structure of Russian

SLAVIC 210 Introduction to Bilingualism
SLAVIC 351 History of the Slavic Languages
SLAVIC 370 What's in a Language Name? The Case of BCS
SLAVIC 425 Ways of Meaning: Universal and Culture Specific Aspects of Language
SLAVIC 426 Ways of Feeling: Expressions of Emotions across Languages and Cultures
SLAVIC 470 Special Topic in Slavic Linguistics
SLAVIC 518 Foreign Language Teaching Methodology
SLAVIC 519 Slavic Language Pedagogy
SLAVIC 550 Synchronic Slavic Linguistics
SLAVIC 551 The Introduction to the Study of Slavic languages
SLAVIC 561 History of the East Slavic Languages
SLAVIC 562 History of the West Slavic Languages
SLAVIC 563 History of the South Slavic Languages
SLAVIC 565 Old Church Slavic
SLAVIC 570 Special Topics in Slavic Linguistics 

Speech and Hearing Sciences

NOTE: Linguistics majors may apply either SPHSC 300 or SPHSC 250 but not both to the elective requirement.

SPHSC 250 Human Communication and its Disorders
SPHSC 261 The Nature of Sound
SPHSC 300 Introduction to the Science of Learning: From Biology to Behavior
SPHSC 302 Phonetics
SPHSC 304 Developmental Aspects of Communication
SPHSC 305 Speech and Language Disorders
SPHSC 320 Anatomy and Physiology of Speech
SPHSC 405 Clinical Decision Making in Speech-Language Pathology
SPHSC 425 Speech, Language, and the Brain
SPHSC 461 Introduction to Hearing Science
SPHSC 501 Neural Bases of Speech, Language and Hearing
SPHSC 510 Physiological Acoustics
SPHSC 511 Psychoacoustics
SPHSC 532 Assessment and Treatment of Adult Neurogenic Communication Disorders
SPHSC 560 Speech Science
SPHSC 562 Studies in Language Science and Disorders