Undergraduate Research Resources

The Linguistics Department and the University of Washington offer many resources for undergraduates engaging in research.

Research Help and Advising

Linguistics Undergraduate Adviser (lingadv@uw.edu)

The Linguistics Undergraduate Adviser is available to help you on the path to research opportunities and beyond. They are prepared to answer your questions and help guide you through the process from getting involved with a research project to presenting research that you have completed. The adviser can advise you on aspects of the research from giving tips on how to communicate with faculty to recommending workshops and explaining policies. Take full advantage of what your adviser has to offer; do not hesitate to make an appointment or stop by during drop-in hours, posted on the Linguistics Undergraduate Advising Home Page

The Undergraduate Research Center (URP)

Check out the Undergraduate Research Program Website. The research program is designed to help undergraduates to get involved in research. The URP offers workshops in areas from applying to programs to working on presentation materials, which can be found on the calendar on front page of the website. This is a good site to have in your bookmark list. It gives useful information for undergraduates about various aspects of research on the Information for Students page and other resources you can browse. The URP also offers advising. This is not specific to Linguistic students, but the advisors are experts in undergraduate research at the University of Washington in general.

Among other things, the URP also hosts an Undergraduate Research Symposium, where undergrads can present their research. More about this in the Presenting page.

Linguistics Undergraduate Research Info Session (Fall Quarter)

Every fall, we will offer an Undergraduate Research Info Session. This is a forum to come learn about opportunities, ask questions and hear from students who have been involved in research previously. Join your peers for an interactive info session, an opportunity to network and get information. Dates and locations posted in fall quarter.

Past Research Projects

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Useful Documents

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