Honors & Awards

Faculty Awards and Honors

Recipient Description
Naja Ferjan Ramírez Distinguished Professor in Language Acquisition and Multilingualism Endowment, 2019, 2020
Emily M. Bender American Association for the Advancement of Science Fellow, 2023
Richard Wright Acoustical Society of America Fellow, 2021
Sharon Hargus LSA Ken Hale Award, 2021
Lance Forshay UW Distinguished Teaching Award, 2014
Fritz Newmeyer Mellon Emeritus Fellowship, 2011-2013
Emily M. Bender R1edu award for significant contributions to online and distance learning, 2009

Linguistics Fund Internal Grant

The Linguistics department encourages Linguistics faculty to apply for internal grants when they are available.

Recipient Year
Barbara Citko 2019-2021
Toshiyuki Ogihara 2019-2020
Alicia Beckford Wassink 2019-2020
Betsy Evans 2017-2019
Edith Aldridge 2017-2018
Sharon Hargus 2016-2017

Howard and Frances Nostrand Endowed Professorship

The endowed professorship was established in 2004 by a $500,000 gift from Howard and Frances Nostrand, intended to promote language and culture as a new discipline, and to underscore the need for cultural competence. Prof. Nostrand chaired the UW Department of Romance Languages and Literature from 1939 to 1964, retiring from teaching in 1981.

Recipient Year
Barbara Citko 2022-2024
Emily M. Bender 2019-2022
Edith Aldridge 2016-2018
Ellen Kaisse 2013-2015
Sharon Hargus 2010-2012
Alicia Beckford Wassink 2006-2009
Frederick J. Newmeyer 2004-2006

Royalty Research Fund

Linguistics faculty have been awarded the Royalty Research Fund, a competitive awards program that provides research support to University of Washington faculty. The UW recognizes their research has high probability of generating important new scholarly understandings, materials, or resources, significant data or information, or essential instrumentation resources that are likely to significantly advance the reputation of the university, lead to external funding, or lead to the development of a new technology.

Recipient Year
Shane Steinert-Threlkeld 2021-2022
Betsy Evans 2020-2021 
Gašper Beguš 2020-2021
Sharon Hargus 2005
Sharon Hargus 2001

Graduate Student Awards and Honors

Major National Student Awards

Recipient Description
Alexander Sugar Ilse D. Cirtautas Fellowship, 2017-2018
Emily Ahn NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, 2017-2021
Olga Zamaraeva Labex EFL Mobility Grant, 2016
Alexander Sugar Confucius China Studies Program Joint Research Ph.D. Fellowship, 2016-2017
Alli Germain Fulbright Scholarship, 2016-2017
Olga Zamaraeva Microsoft Research Women's Research Fellowship, 2015-2016
Rachael Tatman NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, 2014-2017
Sarala Puthuval Fulbright Scholarship, 2014-2015
Joshua Hou NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, 2009-2010
Galen Basse Fulbright Scholarship, 2008-2009

UW Graduate Awards

Linguistics graduate students have been recognized by the graduate school for exceptional work.

Recipient Description
Naomi Tachikawa Shapiro Graduate School Presidential Dissertation Fellowship, 2022-2023
Molly FitzMorris Issac Alhadeff Sephardic Studies Graduate Fellowship, 2017-2018
Laura Panfili Graduate School Presidential Dissertation Fellowship, 2017-2018
Sanghoun Song Graduate School Presidential Disseration Fellowship, 2013-2014
Justin Goodenkauf Fritz/Boeing Graduate Fellowship for International Research, 2013-2014
Sarala Puthuval Fritz/Boeing Graduate Fellowship for International Research, 2013-2014
Darren Tanner Dingwall Dissertation Award, 2010-2011

Li Fang-Kuei & Hsu Ying Graduate Fellowship Award

In honor of the distinguished linguist Professor Li Fang-Kuei, who taught in the Department of Asian Languages & Literature from 1949 to 1969, and his wife Hsu Ying, this fellowship was awarded annually from 2007-2015 to an outstanding graduate student studying Chinese linguistics at the University of Washington.

Recipient Year
Sarala Puthuval 2015-2016
Yin Li 2011-2012
Amy McNamara 2010-2011
Chak-Lam Yip 2009-2010

Ryan Neale Cross Memorial Fellowship

The Ryan Neale Cross Memorial Fellowship to support students studying computational linguistics with the goal of improving accessibility through assistive technology. It continues to support students by generous donations to the fellowship fund.

Recipient Year
Crystal Kendrick 2022-2023
Hillel Steinmetz 2021-2022
Cady Gansen 2019-2020
Allison Dodds 2018-2019

CLMS Scholarships

The Linguistics department, in conjunction with Continuum College, offers a number of scholarships for incoming CLMS students based on financial need and academic merit.

Recipient Year
Mariana Graterol-Fuenmayor 2022
Julia Mainzinger 2022
Shengqi Zhu 2021
Dolapo Martins 2020
Rosetta Hanako Pendleton 2020
Sophia Chan 2019
Abdulkadir Gundogdu 2019
Martin Horst 2019
Emma Bateman 2018
Avijit Vajpayee 2018
Weifeng Jin 2017
Brian Moran 2017
Melina Koukoutchos 2016
Elizabeth Nielsen 2016
Luke Willson 2016
John Dodson 2015
Martin Horn 2015
Anca Burducea 2014
Ceara K. Chewning 2014
Ryan C. Martin 2014
Antariksh Bothale 2013
Claire Jaja 2013
Sean Wibel 2013
John Gilmer 2012
Joseph Kaufmann 2012
Kathryn Nichols 2012
Stefan Behr 2011
James White 2011
Ryan N. Cross 2010
Chase A. Hermsen 2010
Joshua F. Lutes 2010
Jason L. Shaw 2010

Graduate Research Excellence Awards

Linguistics department faculty nominate advanced PhD candidates for graduate student research awards, intended to acknowledge the exceptional work from these candidates as they work to complete their degree.

Recipient Year
Agatha Downey  2022
Ted Kyoungsirk Key 2022
Angelina McMillan-Major 2022
Amandalynne Paullada 2021
Naomi Tachikawa Shapiro 2021
Yuanhe Tian 2021
Benjamin Jones 2020
Jiahui Huang 2020
Anna Moroz 2020
Kristen Howell 2019
Courtney Mansfield 2019
Olga Zamaraeva 2019
Nicole Chartier 2018
Kirby Conrod 2018
David Inman 2018
Alli Germain 2017
Rik Kedziorski 2017
Alec Sugar 2017
Esther Le Grezause 2016
Marina Oganyan 2016
Sarala Puthuval 2016
Michael Goodman 2015
Katie Manlove 2015
Russell Hugo 2015
Sophie Ahn 2014
Valerie Freeman 2014
Yin Li 2014
Daniel McCloy 2013
Justin Goodenkauf 2012
Naoko Komoto 2011
Steven Moran 2010
Julia Miller 2009
Michael Scanlon 2008
Darren Tanner 2007