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Minor in American Sign Language

Students minoring in ASL gain an intermediate mastery of the language’s vocabulary and grammatical usage, with the opportunity to develop an advanced understanding of its grammar, sociolinguistics, and variations. They also learn culturally appropriate behavior in the Deaf community and analyze topics such as Deaf culture, history, education, sociology, legal issues, art and literature from the Deaf culture worldview. An American Sign Language minor may be of particular interest to students in speech and hearing sciences, education, social work, and nursing. 

Declaring a Minor in ASL

Students in good academic standing may declare the minor at any time by meeting with their major adviser. It is strongly recommended that students have taken or be enrolled in first year American Sign Language. Please see Undergraduate Advising’s Minor page for additional considerations about earning a minor.

Minor Requirements

  • Second-year American Sign Language: ASL 201, 202, and 203 (15 credits)
  • Culture and History (3 credits):
    • Deaf Studies (ASL 305)
  • Theory and Structure (8-10 credits):
    • Survey of Linguistic Method and Theory (LING 400)* or Syntax I (LING 461)
    • Linguistics of Signed Languages (LING 403)
  • Elective Courses (minimum 7 credits):
  • Total credits: 33-35
The Linguistics adviser must certify that at least 18 credits taken for the American Sign Language minor do not overlap with your major requirements. Students must earn a minimum GPA of 2.0 in all courses applied to the minor.
Note: If you have taken American Sign Language courses at another university, you should contact the American Sign Language Program Coordinator, Lance Forshay, about scheduling an appointment for placement into UW's American Sign Language course sequence.
*LING 200 may not be used in place of LING 400 for the ASL minor. Students who have already taken LING 200 can satisfy this requirement by taking LING 461. If a student has already taken SPHSC 303, this course may satisfy this requirement instead of LING 400 or LING 461.