Tentative Course Schedules

Please note that these schedules are preliminary and changes often occur due to changes in university funding, staffing, etc. The quarterly Time Schedule posts at least ten weeks before each quarter. Check the Time Schedule early and often to ensure that courses you plan on taking are being offered. Furthermore, the Tentative Schedule should just be a reference as to what courses we will be teaching. It is not official, for official please visit the UW Time Schedules when it posts

View or download in pdf format:

Fall 2024 Tentative Schedule

Winter 2025 Tentative Schedule

Spring 2025 Tentative Schedule


Note for Non-Degree Students: If you wish to register for a Linguistics course, but are not a degree-seeking student, you are welcome to register as a nonmatriculated student. Such students register for courses and pay tuition, and may actively participate and complete all assignments and earn credits.

Another way to register for many Linguistics courses is as an auditor. ACCESS Students are auditors. The Department of Linguistics follows the auditors’ policy of the University Registrar, as outlined on the Registrar's website. Auditing a course requires acquiring an add code from the course instructor to register.