Introductory Courses

The Department of Linguistics offers various introductory classes in linguistics:

  • LING 200 - Introduction to Linguistic Thought - 5 cr.
  • LING 203/ANTH 203 - Introduction to Anthropological Linguistics - 5 cr.
  • LING 400 - Survey of Linguistic Method and Theory - 5 cr.

LING 200 is taken both by students who plan to major in linguistics and by students planning other majors. LING 203/ANTH 203 is geared more towards students planning the anthropology major and emphasizes the historical ties between the disciplines of linguistics and anthropology. LING 400 is primarily taken by students who plan to major in linguistics. The content of LING 400 is similar to LING 200, but the format differs - the class size is much smaller.

Of the preceding classes, LING 400 is most recommended for linguistics majors and minors because it is primarily taken by prospective linguistics students and because the smaller class size provides more opportunities for questions and discussion. However, the content of LING 400 and LING 200 is similar, so students with scheduling difficulties that prevent them from taking LING 400 are encouraged to take LING 200 rather than put off taking their introductory linguistics course.
Various departments other than Linguistics also offer introductory classes in linguistics which significantly overlap in content with each other and with the introductory classes offered by the Linguistics Department. Students may opt to take one of these to satisfy the introductory course requirement, with permission of the undergraduate adviser. Students who take one of these courses for their introductory course requirement may require additional assistance from Linguistics Advising to register for more advanced linguistics coursework.
  • ASIAN 401 - Introduction to Asian Linguistics - 5 cr.
  • ENGL 370 - English Language Study - 5 cr.
  • FREN 323 - Introduction to French Linguistics - 5 cr.
  • GERMAN 451 - Linguistic Analysis of German - 5 cr.
  • JAPAN 440 - Introduction to Japanese Linguistics - 5 cr.
  • SPAN 323 - Introduction to Spanish Linguistics - 5 cr.
  • SPHSC 303 - Language Science - 5 cr.

NOTE: Only one of the above classes may be applied to the major or minor. These courses cannot be used to satisfy the linguistics major or minor elective requirement. They may only be used to satisfy the introductory course requirement. For example, you cannot take both 200 and 203 and use one or the other to partially satisfy the elective requirement.