Is the SSP an epiphenomenon?

The Sonority Controversy
Henke, Eric; Kaisse, Ellen; Wright, Richard (2012) Is the Sonority Sequencing Principle an epiphenomenon? In S. Parker (Ed.) The Sonority Controversy. Berlin & Boston: De Gruyter Mouton, pp. 65-100.

The behavior of clusters of obstruent consonants and of clusters of sonorant" "s is  not  well explained  by  the Sonority  Sequencing Principle  or the  Sylla-" "consonant" "ble Contact Law. Their phonotactics find more comprehensive explanations in the pre- dictions of a theory of perceptual acoustic cue robustness. We explain this theory, re- view and refine the results of cross-linguistic surveys of all-obstruent or all-sonorant sequences, and add specific case studies of Korean and Modern Greek. We conclude that the correct predictions of the Sonority Sequencing Principle and the Syllable Con- tact Law are subsumed under the cue approach, which makes fewer incorrect predic- tions, avoids stipulations concerning sibilants, and covers a wider range of phonotactic" "generalizations.

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