Projects and Grants


Short Title People Involved Related Fields
LiCORICE Project (2011) Emily M. Bender, Mari Ostendorf, Meghan Oxley Computational Linguistics, Linguistics, Sociolinguistics


Short Title People Involved Related Fields
Recognition of Dysarthric Speech (2016) Gina-Anne Levow Acoustics and Psychoacoustics, Phonetics, Phonology, Speech Recognition
Feature-based models for dysarthric speech (2016) Chinese, Phonetics, Phonology, Speech Processing, Speech Recognition
ATAROS (2015) Acoustics and Psychoacoustics, Computational Linguistics, Phonetics, Speech Processing
Executive control in sentence production (Ongoing) Akira Omaki First Language Acquisition, Sentence Processing
Development and adaptation of active dependency completion mechanisms (Ongoing) Akira Omaki First Language Acquisition
The Vocal Joystick (Ongoing) Jeffrey A. Bilmes, Katrin Kirchhoff, Richard Wright Disability, Human-computer Interaction, Linguistics, Phonetics, Speech
ATAROS Project (Ongoing) Mari Ostendorf, Richard Wright, Gina-Anne Levow Linguistics
Perceptual Adaptation to Distortion (Ongoing) Richard Wright Linguistics, Phonetics
PHOIBLE (Phonetics Information Base and Lexicon) (Ongoing) Richard Wright Linguistics, Phonetics, Phonology
English in the Pacific Northwest Study (Ongoing) Alicia Beckford Wassink English, Linguistic Geography, Linguistics, Sociolinguistics
AGGREGATION Project (Ongoing) Fei Xia, Emily M. Bender Computational Linguistics, Endangered Languages, Grammar Engineering, Low-density Languages, Machine Learning, Typology
Seattle to Spokane Project (Ongoing) Betsy Evans Culture, Language Attitudes, Linguistic Geography, Linguistics, Speech Perception
LinGO Grammar Matrix (Ongoing) Emily M. Bender Computational Linguistics, Grammar Engineering, Head Phrase Structure Grammar, Semantics, Syntax, Typology