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While working in the Language Development and Processing Laboratory under the supervision of Prof. Naja Ferjan Ramírez, prospective SPHSC major and sophomore Lindsay Hippe was awarded a Mary Gates Research Scholarship to study the effect of older siblings on the acquisition of language in babies ages 6-24 months. She describes her hypotheses and findings to date: “The literature that I looked at showed that the presence of older siblings has an overall negative effect on the... Read more
Adam Werle lives in Port Alberni, B.C. where he documents the Nuu-chah-nulth (Wakashan) language as well as the related languages Kwak̓wala and Ditidaht (< /diid̓iitidq/ 'speaking Ditidaht language'). He has facilitated the involvement of other linguists in documentation of Nuu-chah-nulth, including David Inman (Linguistics PhD 2019), whose dissertation centered around Nuu-chah-nulth clause structure. Adam teaches Nuu-chah-nulth to learners, including FLAS fellows. His work was profiled in... Read more
Update on planned UW-L’Université de Poitiers exchange program An opportunity to learn more about one of the historical underpinnings of ASL A one-week exchange program at l’Université de Poitiers (UP), France, to be led by Kristi Winter along with local sign language linguist Caitlin Goldens, is planned for early fall 2022.  Activities will take place on the University of Poitiers campus, which has a renowned Langue des Signes Française (LSF) (French Sign Language) program focused on... Read more
Barley powder, butter tea, horse racing, monasteries, yaks, snow leopards, and a beautiful writing system. What language family comes to mind? Tibetan! During Spring 2021, Cairen Lhayong [tsʰɨreɬajoŋ], a native speaker of Kham/Khams (khg) (ཁམས་སྐད) Tibetan, which is spoken in China (not to be confused with Kham (kjl) Himalayan, spoken in Nepal) is working with LING 580 Field Methods class members Sharon Hargus, Trent Ukasick, Bryan Thompson as well as auditor Nathan Loggins, patiently and... Read more
Shane Steinert-Threlkeld joined the department in Autumn 2019 as a computational semanticist, with teaching duties in the computational linguistics program. He came to this specialization in a round-about way, double-majoring in Philosophy and Math at Johns Hopkins University with a minor in Computer Science. Although JHU didn’t have a Linguistics Dept, an astute undergraduate advisor there noted his interests in language and suggested advanced study in the philosophy of language, which led to... Read more
Recent PhDs Olga Zamaraeva successfully defended her dissertation, "A dissertation on constituent questions in the Grammar Matrix, an HPSG-based grammar engineering framework," Winter Quarter 2021. During Spring 2021 she is a Lecturer in Linguistics, teaching LING 580 (Goals and Methods of Computational Linguistics) and LING 471 (Computational Methods for Linguists).... Read more
Our newest faculty member is quadrilingual in French, English, Portuguese and Spanish. She grew up in Canada, went to graduate school in the U.S., and does research on languages spoken in the Brazilian Amazon.    Myriam Lapierre will join the Department of Linguistics in Autumn 2021. Specializing in phonology and phonetics, including aerodynamic measures of nasality and the... Read more
The Linguistic Society of America (LSA), founded in 1924, is the national organization for U.S. linguists and premier advocacy organization in the U.S. for linguistics and the world’s languages. The LSA’s annual meeting draws thousands of participants from all over the world. The department of Linguistics currently provides annual memberships to any graduate student in the department who requests one.  How are UW linguists involved with the LSA? Alicia Beckford Wassink began a three-year term... Read more
Graduation at Husky Stadium
We are looking forward to celebrating our graduates on June 11 at noon with a commencement address from Lesley Carmichael, PhD, Principal Program Manager at Microsoft, and a reading of the names and honors by Richard Wright, Professor and Chair of Linguistics. According to Lesley's LinkedIn profile: Principal PM Lead who is fired up about AI, search and assistance technologies, and honoring data privacy and compliance. I’m also dedicated to cultural growth in the tech industry so that... Read more
Olga Zamaraeva successfully defended her dissertation, "A dissertation on constituent questions in the Grammar Matrix, an HPSG-based grammar engineering framework," Winter Quarter 2021. However, that was not all she did! She developed the materials and syllabus for two classes which she is teaching Spring Quarter 2021 for the Linguistics department. The first, for graduate students, is LING 580 Goals and Methods of Computational Linguistics. The other, LING 471 ... Read more