Journal Articles


Short Title People Involved Related Fields
Resultative constructions in Uyghur as verbal adjunction (2018) Alec Sugar Syntax, Turkish, Typology
Mandarin Chinese Verbs as Verbal Items in Uyghur Mixed Verbs (2017) Alec Sugar Bilingualism, Chinese, Morphology, Syntax
An Algorithm for Morphological Segmentation of Esperanto Words (2016) Theresa Guinard Morphology
Ergativity from subjunctive in Austronesian languages (2016) Edith Aldridge Austronesian, Syntax
Similarity of wh-phrases and aceptability variation in wh-islands (2016) Akira Omaki Speech Processing, Syntax
Neural encoding of formant frequencies. (2016) Richard Wright Perception and Cognition, Phonetics
Semantic Properties of the So-called Past Tense Morpheme in Late Late Middle Japanese  (2015) Toshiyuki Ogihara Japanese, Semantics
Relative Tense in Relative Clauses  (2015) Toshiyuki Ogihara Semantics
上代日本語における疑問詞の位置について」[Wh-word positions in Old Japanese]  (2015) Edith Aldridge Japanese, Minimalist Theory, Syntax
A Minimalist Approach to the Emergence of Ergativity in Austronesian Languages  (2015) Edith Aldridge Austronesian, Minimalist Theory, Syntax
Visual cortex of congenitally blind adults responds to syntactic movement (2015) Akira Omaki Syntax
Xigt: Extensible Interlinear Glossed Text for Natural Language Processing (2015) Emily M. Bender, Michael Wayne Goodman, Fei Xia Computational Linguistics
Pronoun processing in anglophone late L2 learners of French: Behavioral and ERP evidence (2015) Julia Herschensohn Bilingualism, English, French, Second Language Acquisition
Syntactic Change: Between Parameters and Fuzzy Grammar (2014) Frederick Newmeyer Linguistics, Grammar, Syntax
Where Do Motivations Compete? (2014) Frederick Newmeyer Linguistics, Grammar
La Réanalyse Syntaxique et le Conflit Formaliste-Fonctionnaliste en Linguistique (2014) Frederick Newmeyer Linguistics, Syntax
Parentheticals and the Grammar of Complementation (2014) Frederick Newmeyer Linguistics, Grammar
Getting the Word Out: The Early Generativists' Multi-Pronged Efforts to Diffuse their Ideas (2014) Frederick Newmeyer Linguistics
Individual differences reveal stages of L2 grammatical acquisition: ERP evidence (2013) Julia Herschensohn Bilingualism, English, Morphology, Second Language Acquisition
Can pattern recognition explain grammatical learning? (2013) Julia Herschensohn Bilingualism, Second Language Acquisition
The advantage of knowing the talker (2013) Dan McCloy, Richard Wright Acoustics and Psychoacoustics, Perception and Cognition, Phonetics, Speech Perception
Processing of Gender and Number Agreement in Late Spanish Bilinguals (2012) Julia Herschensohn Bilingualism, Linguistics, Spanish
Proficiency and Animacy Effects on L2 Gender Agreement Processes during Comprehension (2011) Julia Herschensohn Bilingualism, Linguistics, Second Language Acquisition
The Role of proficiency and working memory in gender and number agreement in L1 and L2 Spanish (2010) Julia Herschensohn Linguistics, Spanish
Fundamental and gradient differences in language development (2009) Julia Herschensohn Linguistics, Second Language Acquisition