The Department of Linguistics recognizes the value that diverse perspectives can bring to scholarly endeavor. Accordingly, we are committed to improving our recruitment and retention of undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and staff from groups that are historically underrepresented in our department and field, including (but not restricted to):  speakers of endangered languages, stigmatized linguistic varieties, deaf and hearing speakers of signed languages.   Linguistic diversity is important to the discipline of linguistics because the central focus of the field is to understand the human capacity for language. Thus, linguistics scholarship benefits from inquiry into a range of families and types of human languages, used in a range of settings.

UW Linguistics has made some progress toward its diversity goals recently in several areas. The flexibility of the CLMS program has increased the age diversity of students in our department.  The addition of faculty members in American Sign Language, sociolinguistics and computational linguistics has increased the ethnic and linguistic diversity of the faculty body, and the pool of students from underrepresented minority groups has increased.  The department has successfully supported family leaves, and is more welcoming for those caring for aging parents and young children.

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One substantial way we seek to address diversity in student recruitment is to award a new departmental Diversity Fellowship to one eligible applicant to our graduate program in General Linguistics (est. 2014). Please click the link below for details:

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