Summer Courses

Summer is a great time to take courses offered by the Linguistics Department. UW students may find that they are able to register for courses which are difficult to fit in during the regular academic year.

Many of the courses offered can be applied to an undergraduate degree in Linguistics.

People without a background in linguistics who are interested in the scientific study of language have the opportunity to try out one of the two introductory linguistics courses offered every summer, LING 200 and 400. Application and registration information for prospective summer students can be found on the Summer Quarter website.

Another option is to enroll in intensive American Sign Language, a full-term course that covers the equivalent of an entire year of ASL study in nine weeks.

Courses commonly offered in Summer

 (Courses titles followed by asterisks indicate that a course may not be offered every summer.  See Current and Upcoming Courses for scheduled offerings.)

Linguistics Courses

  • LING 100 Fundamentals of Grammar (5) VLPA
  • LING 200 Introduction to Linguistic Thought (5) QSR, I&S, VLPA
  • LING 233 Introduction to Language & Society (5) DIV, VLPA
  • LING 234 Language and Diversity (5) DIV, SSc
  • LING 400 Survey of Linguistic Method and Theory (5) I&S, VLPA, QSR
  • LING/ANTH 432 Sociolinguistics I* (5) I&S, VLPA
  • LING 442 Semantics I* (5) VLPA, NW
  • LING 450 Introduction to Linguistic Phonetics (5) VLPA, NW
  • LING 451 Phonology I, II (5, 5) VLPA, I&S
  • LING 461, 462 Syntax I, II (5, 5) VLPA, I&S
  • LING 481 Introduction to Morphology* (5) VLPA

ASL Courses

  • ASL 134 Intensive First Year American Sign Language (15)
  • ASL 234 Intensive Intermediate American Sign Language (15) VLPA

Computational Linguistics Courses

  •  LING 473 Basics for Computational Linguistics (3) (offered by UW Professional and Continuing Education for Computational Linguistics Program Students or prospective Program Students only)