On-leave Status Procedure

Revised on 11/4/11

On-Leave status is granted on a quarterly basis with very few exceptions. (The exceptions are noted on the following web page:

1. The student first needs to consult with his/her MA/PhD advisor (and other committee members) before applying for on-leave status. (If the student does not have an advisor yet, s/he should talk to the Graduate Program Coordinator (GPC).) First, the student should make clear the reason for wishing to go on leave. With his or her committee, the student will specify the length of requested leave, present a plan for making progress toward the degree, and a timeframe for completion after the leave. The committee, the GPC, and the student may agree to set milestones for progress during the leave, including a schedule for communication with the advisor, and other activities.

2. The student should send an email request for on-leave status to the GPC, with a copy to committee members, and attaching the plan that the committee has agreed on. The GPC will review the plan and then grant the request if the plan meets the above requirements.

3. The student should then file an on-leave status request on-line:
The department of linguistics requires that on-leave status requests be filed between 2
weeks before the first day of instruction and the end of the fifth day of instruction.

4. If the above procedure is followed, GPC will approve the request. Upon approval, students will receive a confirmation email that the department has approved the request. If a student makes a leave request on-line without prior discussion with his/her advisor and GPC, the request will not be accepted.

Note: The following graduate school web page describes in detail the graduate school’s policy regarding on-leave status: