Conference Proceedings


Short Title People Involved Related Fields
Severing idiosyncratic case from the lexical verb in Uyghur-Chinese code switching (2019) Alec Sugar Bilingualism, Chinese, Grammar, Linguistics, Morphology, Syntax
A Restructuring Analysis of Uyghur Bleached V2 Constructions (2018) Alec Sugar Morphology, Syntax
The representation of predicates at the syntactic-semantic boundary in Nuuchahnulth (2018) David Inman Morphology, Syntax
Uyghur -ip as a verb linker in multiple constructions  (2017) Alec Sugar Syntax
Social Identity and Punctuation Variation in the #BlueLivesMatter and #BlackLivesMatter Twitter Communities (2017) Amandalynne Paullada Computational Linguistics
Non-lexical Features Encode Political Affiliation on Twitter (2017) Amandalynne Paullada Computational Linguistics, Sociolinguistics
Proceedings of the First ACL Workshop on Ethics in Natural Language Processing (2017) Emily M. Bender Computational Linguistics, Computer Science, Natural Language Processing
We Who Tweet: Pronominal Relative Clauses on Twitter (2016) Kirby Conrod, Rachael Tatman, Rik Kedziorski English, Syntax
Layers of Interpretation: On Grammar and Compositionality (2015) Emily M. Bender, Woodley Packard Computational Linguistics
Negation in Nanti: Syntactic Evidence for Head and Dependent Negators (2014) David Inman, Ruth E. Morrison Computational Linguistics, Morphology, Syntax
Enriching ODIN (2014) Emily M. Bender, William Lewis, Michael Wayne Goodman, Fei Xia Computational Linguistics
Towards an Encyclopedia of Compositional Semantics: Documenting the Interface of the English Resource Grammar (2014) Emily M. Bender Computational Linguistics
Language CoLLAGE: Grammatical Description with the LinGO Grammar Matrix (2014) Emily M. Bender Computational Linguistics
Simple Negation Scope Resolution through Deep Parsing: A Semantic Solution to a Semantic Problem. (2014) Emily M. Bender, Woodley Packard Computational Linguistics, Semantics
Learning Grammar Specifications from IGT: A Case Study of Chintang (2014) Emily M. Bender, Michael Wayne Goodman, Fei Xia Computational Linguistics, Syntax
Focus Case Oustide of Austronesian: An Analysis of Kolyma Yukaghir. (2014) Emily M. Bender, Olga Zamaraeva Head Phrase Structure Grammar, Syntax
Truncation and Headedness in Chinese Compounding: A Dictionary-Based Study (2013) Alec Sugar Chinese, Morphology, Phonology


Short Title People Involved Related Fields
Prelateral back vowel mergers in Pacific Northwest English (2018) Acoustics and Psychoacoustics, Dialectology, English, Linguistics, Phonetics, Sociolinguistics, Sociophonetics