PADS 102
Perspectives on Phonological Theory and Development
Endangered Languages and New Technologies Cover


Image Short Title People Involved Related Fields
Where Do Motivations Compete? (2014) Frederick Newmeyer Linguistics, Grammar
La Réanalyse Syntaxique et le Conflit Formaliste-Fonctionnaliste en Linguistique (2014) Frederick Newmeyer Linguistics, Syntax
Measuring Grammatical Complexity (2014) Frederick Newmeyer, Laurel Preston Grammar, Linguistics
Truncation and Headedness in Chinese Compounding: A Dictionary-Based Study (2013) Alec Sugar Chinese, Morphology, Phonology
A Diachronic View of Old French Genitive Constructions (2013) Julia Herschensohn French, Grammar, Historical Linguistics, Syntax
Individual differences reveal stages of L2 grammatical acquisition: ERP evidence (2013) Julia Herschensohn Bilingualism, English, Morphology, Second Language Acquisition
Can pattern recognition explain grammatical learning? (2013) Julia Herschensohn Bilingualism, Second Language Acquisition
The advantage of knowing the talker (2013) Dan McCloy, Richard Wright Acoustics and Psychoacoustics, Perception and Cognition, Phonetics, Speech Perception
Crowdsourcing for Speech (2013) Gina-Anne Levow Software, Speech Perception, Speech Processing, Speech Recognition
Processing of Gender and Number Agreement in Late Spanish Bilinguals (2012) Julia Herschensohn Bilingualism, Linguistics, Spanish
Proficiency and Animacy Effects on L2 Gender Agreement Processes during Comprehension (2011) Julia Herschensohn Bilingualism, Linguistics, Second Language Acquisition
Romance Linguistics 2010: Selected proceedings of the 40th Symposium on Romance Languages (2011) Julia Herschensohn Linguistics
Proceedings of the 11th GASLA Conference (2011) Julia Herschensohn Linguistics
The Linguistics of Inequality: Mock Speech and Language Ideolog (2010) John Matt Riebold Language Attitudes
The Role of proficiency and working memory in gender and number agreement in L1 and L2 Spanish (2010) Julia Herschensohn Linguistics, Spanish
Fundamental and gradient differences in language development (2009) Julia Herschensohn Linguistics, Second Language Acquisition
Tense and Verb Raising in advanced L2 French (2009) Julia Herschensohn Linguistics, French, Second Language Acquisition
Second-language learning and changes in the brain (2008) Julia Herschensohn, Lee E. Osterhout Linguistics, Second Language Acquisition
Marquage grammatical des syntagmes verbaux et nominaux chez un apprenant avancé (2007) Julia Herschensohn Linguistics, French
Language Development and Age (2007) Julia Herschensohn Linguistics
Français langue seconde: From functional categories to functionalist variation (2006) Julia Herschensohn Linguistics, French, Second Language Acquisition
Children's acquisition of L2 Spanish morphosyntax in an immersion setting (2005) Julia Herschensohn Linguistics, Spanish, Second Language Acquisition
Possible and Probable Languages book cover Possible and Probable Languages: A Generative Perspective on Linguistics (2005) Frederick Newmeyer Linguistics, Typology
The Second Time Around: Minimalism and L2 Acquisition (2000) Julia Herschensohn Linguistics, Second Language Acquisition
Case Suspension and Binary Complement Structure in French (1996) Julia Herschensohn Linguistics, French