Joint Aspect Extraction and Sentiment Analysis with Directional Graph Convolutional Networks

Chen, Guimin, Yuanhe Tian, and Yan Song. "Joint Aspect Extraction and Sentiment Analysis with Directional Graph Convolutional Networks." Proceedings of the 28th International Conference on Computational Linguistics. 2020.

End-to-end aspect-based sentiment analysis (EASA) consists of two sub-tasks: the first extracts the aspect terms in a sentence and the second predicts the sentiment polarities for such terms. For EASA, compared to pipeline and multi-task approaches, joint aspect extraction and sentiment analysis provides a one-step solution to predict both aspect terms and their sentiment polarities through a single decoding process, which avoid the mismatches in between the results of aspect terms and sentiment polarities, as well as error propagation. Previous studies, especially recent ones, for this task focus on using powerful encoders (e.g., Bi-LSTM and BERT) to model contextual information from the input, with limited efforts paid to using advanced neural architectures (such as attentions and graph convolutional networks) or leveraging extra knowledge (such as syntactic information). To extend such efforts, in this paper, we propose directional graph convolutional networks (D-GCN) to jointly perform aspect extraction and sentiment analysis with encoding syntactic information, where dependency among words are integrated in our model to enhance its ability of representing input sentences and help EASA accordingly. Experimental results on three benchmark datasets demonstrate the effectiveness of our approach, where D-GCN achieves state-of-the-art performance on all datasets.

Status of Research