Language, Society & Power 4th edition

Mooney, Annabelle & Evans, Betsy. Language, Society & Power. 4th edition.  London: Routledge.

Language, Society and Power is an introductory text to studying language in a variety of social contexts.

This book examines the ways language functions, how it influences thought and how it varies according to age, ethnicity, class and gender. It considers whether representations of people and their language matter, explores how identity is constructed and performed, and considers the creative potential of language in the media, politics and everyday talk.

This fourth edition has been completely revised to include recent developments in theory and research and offers the following features:

  • A range of new and engaging international examples drawn from everyday life – including material from social media and newspapers, cartoons, YouTube and television.
  • Two new chapters which cover Linguistic Landscapes, including signs, graffiti and the internet; and Global Englishes, exploring variation in and attitudes to English around the world
  • glossary, further reading sections for each chapter, and student research project
  • Brand new companion website that includes video and audio clips

Language, Society and Power is suggested for students of English language and linguistics, media, communication, cultural studies, sociology and psychology.



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