Verb-linking and Events in Syntax: The Case of Uyghur -(i)p Constructions

Alexander Sugar. "Verb-linking and Events in Syntax: The Case of Uyghur -(i)p Constructions." Diss. U of Washington, 2019.

This dissertation explores the syntactic structures of Uyghur multi-verb constructions formed using the verb-linking -(i)p suffix. In such constructions, only the final verb is inflected for tense, and -(i)p attaches to all non-final verbs in lieu of tense inflection. In some cases, the final verb is semantically bleached of its lexical meaning. I demonstrate that not all -(i)p constructions share a uniform structure; instead, they are formed through a variety of syntactic derivations involving adjunction, coordination or complementation. The -(i)p marker overtly realizes an Event head outside the verbal domain or an Inner Aspect head within the verbal domain whenever a structural configuration blocks one verb’s access to Tense inflection. The findings in this dissertation provide novel evidence for two event-related syntactic projections, and show that they can play a crucial role in allowing multiple verbs to appear within a clause. The study also demonstrates that there is no uniform syntactic structure for serial verb constructions. Instead, the way serial verb or other multi-verb constructions are formed is constrained by event structure.

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