The 24th Meeting of the Austronesian Formal Linguistics Association (AFLA)

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The 24th Meeting of the Austronesian Formal Linguistics Association will be hosted by the Linguistics departments of the University of Washington and Reed College on April 7-9 on the University of Washington campus. AFLA is an organization which promotes the study of Austronesian languages from a formal perspective. Since the initial meeting in 1994, AFLA has served as an annual forum for the presentation of new research in all of the core areas of formal linguistics, including (but not limited to) phonetics, phonology, morphology, semantics, syntax, typology, and psycholinguistics. AFLA 24 will feature a Workshop on Comparative Formosan Linguistics in addition to the main meeting. Details can be found on the conference website at the following link:



If you are interested in some aspect of Austronesian linguistics and would like to prepare a formal analysis of that problem, you can find the call for papers on the conference website. We are also recruiting volunteers to help with various aspects of preparation for and running of the conference. Don’t pass up the opportunity for the invaluable experience of learning how to host a conference. You also won’t want to miss the chance to hobnob with legendary greats of Austronesian linguistics. Interested persons are invited to contact Edith Aldridge ( We are greatful to the organizing committee for their contributions to this conference: 

  • Edith Aldridge (UW Linguistics), co-host
  • Matthew Pearson (Reed College), co-host
  • Richard Wright (UW Linguistics)
  • Stevan Harrell (UW Anthropology)

We would like to acknowledge the support of the following departments and organizations: