Faculty involvement in Linguistic Society of America

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Alicia Wassink, Professor

The Linguistic Society of America (LSA), founded in 1924, is the national organization for U.S. linguists and premier advocacy organization in the U.S. for linguistics and the world’s languages. The LSA’s annual meeting draws thousands of participants from all over the world. The department of Linguistics currently provides annual memberships to any graduate student in the department who requests one. 

How are UW linguists involved with the LSA?

Alicia Beckford Wassink began a three-year term on the LSA Executive Council in 2021.  Wassink was elected to the council by a national vote of LSA members, running on a platform to advance the antiracism work of the LSA and “better prepare students for careers that draw upon linguistic training”. She is also a member of several other LSA committees: the Committee on Student Issues and Concerns, the Ethics Committee, the Elizabeth Dayton Award Committee, and the Committee on Ethnic Diversity in Linguistics.  

Sharon Hargus received the Kenneth L. Hale award from the LSA in 2021. Hargus previously served on the LSA’s Committee on Endangered Languages and their Preservation.

UW faculty involvement in leadership positions at the LSA is not new. Emeritus faculty Fritz Newmeyer was president 2002 and served as the secretary-treasurer 1989-1994, and was inducted as an LSA Fellow in 2006. Emerita faculty Ellen Kaisse served on the executive committee 2005-2006, was president of the LSA in 2013, and was inducted as an LSA Fellow 2015. She is also currently a member of the Editors of Linguistics Journals Committee.