Pre-General/Final Exam Checklists

Before scheduling your general exam or your dissertation defense, please  go over a relevant checklist to make sure that you satisfy all requirements and get your advisor's approval. Please submit the completed form to the GPA (Linguistics Administrator Monica Cohn) for our records. This is a department-internal prerequisite for scheduling and taking exams.  (May 09, 2016)

[On June 26, 2020, two new files were added for students working under the new curriculum instituted in Sept 2018]

General_Ling_GeneralExam_Checklist (old curriculum)

General_Ling_PhD(Final)Exam_Checklist (old curriculum)

General_Ling_GeneralExam_Checklist (new curriculum instituted in Sept 2018)

General_Ling_PhD(Final)Exam_Checklist (new curriculum instituted in Sept 2018)