Recent News

Professor Edith Aldridge
Professor Edith Aldridge hosted a workshop called "Modality in Classical Chinese" at the Simpson Center for the Humanities on November 30 and December 1.  The workshop was co-organized by Professor Zev Handel of the Department of Asian Languages & Literatures, and included speakers from universities in China, Taiwan, and the United States.  For more information and a detailed schedule, please see the workshop website... Read more
cherry blossoms on campus
The UW Linguistics Department is saddened to report the passing of our dear friend and colleague Dr. Akira Omaki on August 6, 2018, due to complications from lymphoma. Dr. Omaki joined UW Linguistics in 2016 and developed curriculum and research on first language acquisition and language processing and established the  Language Development and Processing Lab. Dr. Omaki received his PhD from the University of Maryland in 2010, and worked as a... Read more
Professor Citko at 2018 graduation ceremony
Congratulations to Professors Barbara Citko and Toshiyuki Ogihara, the 2018 recipients of the Linguistics Fund award. The Linguistics Fund award is a grant awarded to faculty researchers in linguistics to directly fund research, awarded to two faculty each year. Professor Ogihara will be using the award to complete work on his upcoming book on temporal semantics, and Professor Citko will be working on a new project on the syntax of agreement in relative clauses with coordinated heads. 
PhD grads Brent Woo, Michael Goodman, Alli Germain, and Laura Panfili
This year has been a year of amazing achievements for our linguistics students! Please join us in honoring those who are graduating or receiving awards. We are awarding 57 BAs this spring and summer--54 in Linguistics and 3 in Romance Linguistics--including 11 double-majors. The Linguistics department is delighted to award Linguistics Departmental Honors to Dakota Giltner, Ian Gwin, Andrew Heidke, Johanna Mannisto, and Elizabeth Solallonch. Anne Soedal is receiving Interdisciplinary Honors.... Read more
Ari Goertzel, Andrew Heidke, Ellen Perleberg, and Gregory Pflaumer
The Linguistics Department hosted our annual Undergraduate Research Colloquium this May. Ari Goertzel, Andrew Heidke, Ellen Perleberg, and Gregory Pflaumer, all undergraduate researchers, presented their original research in linguistics. The talks covered a range of topics, from theoretical syntax to second language aquisition. The titles of the talks were:  Collaboration and Communication between Second-Language Learners and Heritage Language Students in Mixed-Language Classes Ellen... Read more
Laura Panfili and Richard Wright shake hands
Linguistics PhD candidate Laura Panfili successfully defended her dissertation entitled "Cross-Linguistic Acoustic Characteristics of Phonation: A Machine Learning Approach" on April 27, 2018. Laura is a recipient of the prestigious UW Graduate School Presidential Fellowship, which awards excellent PhD candidates with a quarter of support. 
This spring, we are also saying goodbye to a beloved faculty member. Professor Karen Zagona has been with us at UW Linguistics for 23 years, and served as an adjunct professor in Romance Languages and in Spanish for much of that time. Since 2000, Professor Zagona has supervised seven doctoral dissertations in syntax. She has written two books and edited three more, ranging in topic from Spanish syntax to the grammar of Romance languages. In her time here at the UW Linguistics department she has... Read more
gasper begus
It is our pleasure to welcome a new member to our department this coming fall.  Gašper Beguš is receiving his PhD from Harvard University this spring, completing his dissertation on phonological typology. He will be joining UW Linguistics as a phonologist. His interests include phonology, phonetics, and historical linguistics. We are excited to work with Gašper, and look forward to welcoming him in the fall of 2018. 
cherry blossoms
Beginning this year, we're honored to offer the Ryan Neale Cross Memorial Fellowship to support students studying computational linguistics with the goal of improving accessibility through assistive technology. This fellowship was made possible by generous donations from friends, family, and colleagues in memory of Ryan Neal Cross, a CLMS alumnus. The fellowship is also supported in part by the Continuous Path foundation, who shares our goals of supporting assistive technology through... Read more
Alli Germain Dissertation Defense
Linguistics PhD candidate Alli Germain defended her dissertation entitled "Non-nominative Subjects in Russian and Lithuanian: Case, Argument Structure,and Anaphor Binding" on November 21st. Alli recently returned from a Fulbright-sponsored trip to Lithuania, during which she was notified that she had been awarded the Excellence in Linguistic Research Graduate Fellowship.