Summer 2023 Highlights

Submitted by Joyce Parvi on

Members of our department have been very active over the summer, presenting at conferences, teaching at summer schools and conducting fieldwork. Here are a few highlights:

Emily Ahn presented at Interspeech 2023 in Dublin (Emily P. Ahn, Gina-Anne Levow, Richard Wright, Eleanor Chodroff. ‘An Outlier Analysis of Vowel Formants from a Corpus Phonetics Pipeline.)

Sunny Ananthanarayan, Ella De Falco, and Jessa Jeter joined Myriam Lapierre in Brazil over the summer working with Panãra people on literacy development for their language (Panãra, Jê), documentation of stories told by elders, improving the lexical database, child language development research, and phonetics experiments about prosody, vowels, and nasality. This was the first field trip for the students and they also spent time meeting people across multiple Panãra villages, developing relationships, and learning the language.

Emily Bender gave a keynote presentation ‘Lessons from incremental development: 20 years of the Grammar Matrix’ at the 30th International Conference on Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar.

Barbara Citko co-taught a class on Slavic syntax and semantics at CreteLing 2023 and co-organized an LSA summer institute workshop on multidominance in syntax.

Sharon Hargus made two trips to Toppenish to work with Virginia Beavert on various Yakama Sahaptin documentation projects, including modals, texts from her late mother, and lexicon.

Andrew Hedding spent most of August in Oaxaca, Mexico, conducting field research on Peras Tu’un Savi. While there, he collected texts, investigated a middle voice construction, and conducted two small artificial language learning experiments. He then traveled to Mexico City to give an invited keynote entitled ‘Los movimientos sintácticos ‘sensibles al discurso’ son un epifenómeno: el caso del foco” (‘Discourse-sensitive’ syntactic movements are an epiphenomenon: the case of focus) at the IV Encuentro de lingüística formal en México (4th Formal Linguistics Meeting in Mexico).

Naja Ferjan Ramírez worked with the WA state representatives to give a talk about the importance of early learning on brain and language development at the Chamber of Commerce. Here's a story about this:

Shane Steinert-Threlkeld gave an invited/keynote talk ‘Degrees of Monotonicity’ at a workshop called ‘Internal and external pressures shaping language’

Toshiyuki Ogihara gave a number of talks in Japan: ‘Indirect reciprocity in Japanese’ at Nagoya University of Foreign Studies, ‘The semantics of when clauses in English and toki clauses in Japanese’ at Kobe University’,  ‘The temporal conjunction toki in Japanese’ at Otaru University of Commerce, and ‘A unified approach to temporal adverbial clauses in English and Japanese with particular attention to when and toki clauses’ at Keio University. 

Richard Wright, Benjamin Tucker and Matthew C. Kelley presented a paper ‘Effects of the speaker on speech intelligibility’ at the 20th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences in Prague.

Laura McGarrity co-presented a talk (with UW alum Colum Yip) at CoSTaSiL 23 (Conference on Scholarly Teaching and Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Linguistics) at UMass Amherst. The talk was titled, "Teaching Phonetics and Phonology to Visually Impaired and Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing Students in Introductory Linguistics Classes".