UW Linguistics welcomes Myriam Lapierre

Submitted by Hanieh Nezakati on
Myriam Lapierre, New Linguistics Faculty

Our newest faculty member is quadrilingual in French, English, Portuguese and Spanish. She grew up in Canada, went to graduate school in the U.S., and does research on languages spoken in the Brazilian Amazon.   

Myriam Lapierre will join the Department of Linguistics in Autumn 2021. Specializing in phonology and phonetics, including aerodynamic measures of nasality and the phonological representation of nasality, she is currently finishing her UC Berkeley dissertation, Towards a decomposition of the segment: The Phonology and Typology of Nasality. Her research involves fieldwork in the Brazilian Amazon on such languages as Panãra, Kajkwakhrattxi, Xavante, Mẽbêngôkre (Jê family); and Kawaiwete, Paraguayan Guaraní (Tupí-Guaraní family).