Undergraduate Linguistic Researchers Present Original Research at Annual Colloquium 

Submitted by Kirby Conrod on
Ari Goertzel, Andrew Heidke, Ellen Perleberg, and Gregory Pflaumer at the Undergraduate Research Colloquium

The Linguistics Department hosted our annual Undergraduate Research Colloquium this May. Ari Goertzel, Andrew Heidke, Ellen Perleberg, and Gregory Pflaumer, all undergraduate researchers, presented their original research in linguistics. The talks covered a range of topics, from theoretical syntax to second language aquisition. The titles of the talks were: 

Collaboration and Communication between Second-Language Learners and Heritage Language Students in Mixed-Language Classes
Ellen Perleberg
Non-native Production of Quantity Distinctions in Standard Finnish 
Gregory Pflaumer
Construct in Place: A Cross-Categorical Account of Hebrew Construct States
Ari Goertzel
Crosslinguistic Influence on Spatial Prepositions in English as a Native Language (Transfer effects of L2 on L1)
Andrew Heidke
We thank the presenters for their hard work and for sharing their research with us, and our Undergraduate Advisor Amie DeJong for organizing the event.