Esther Le Grézause Defends Dissertation Entitled "Um and Uh, and the Expression of Stance in Conversational Speech"

Submitted by Joyce Parvi on
Michael Shapiro, Esther Le Grezause, Richard Wright, Gina-Anne Levow, Mari Ostendorf, Prof. Ballier

Esther Le Grézause, a doctoral candidate in Linguistics, passed her final examination on May 23rd. Richard Wright served as Chair of the dissertation committee (US) and Prof. Nicolas Ballier represented Université Paris Diderot.  Gina Levow, Mari Ostendorf, and Ellen Kaisse completed the dissertation committee, and Dean Michael Shapiro served as Graduate School Representative for the exam. Esther will receive doctoral degrees both from the University of Washington and Université Paris Diderot as part of an agreement that promotes cooperation between the two institutions.