ASL Electives

Electives Applicable Toward a Minor in American Sign Language

Classes from the following list may be used to satisfy the elective requirement for the American Sign Language minor.

Not all of the classes listed here are offered every year. Check with the department that offers the class to find out how often it is taught. Note that some of these classes have prerequisites, which may or may not be applicable to the American Sign Language minor.

If you are interested in a particular topic for which there is no course offering, consider enrolling in Independent Study (ASL 499) for 1-3 credits per quarter to pursue your interest. You would need to find a faculty member to supervise your independent study.

American Ethnic Studies

AES 340 Race, Ethnicity, and Education
AES 389 Race, Gender, and Sexuality in the Media (cross-listed with COM/GWSS 389)

American Sign Language

ASL 301 Advanced American Sign Language I 
ASL 302 Advanced American Sign Language II
ASL 303 Advanced American Sign Language III
ASL 306 Deaf History*
ASL 334 Intensive Advanced American Sign Language 
ASL 495 Literature and Poetry*
ASL 499 Independent Study in ASL or Deaf Culture.**

*Note: Due to high demand for other ASL courses and limited faculty resources, ASL 306 and ASL 495 are not currently being offered. We hope to have the resources to offer these courses in the future.
**ASL 202 is a minimum prerequisite. This course cannot be used in place of any language courses.


ANTH 301 Human Nature and Culture
ANTH 359 Linguistic Ethnography
ANTH 376 Anthropology of Disability
ANTH 464 Language Politics and Cultural Identity
ANTH 471 Colonialism and Culture


COM 374 Perspectives on Language

Disability Studies

DIS ST 332 Disability and Society
DIS ST 346 Disability in Global and Comparative Perspective
DIS ST 433 Disability Law, Policy, and the Community
DIS ST 434 Civil and Human Rights Law for Disabled People


LING 432 Sociolinguistics I (cross-listed with ANTH 432)
LING 433 Sociolinguistics II (cross-listed with ANTH 433)

Speech and Hearing Sciences

SPHSC 308 Social-Cultural Aspects of Communication