Graduate Milestones

Ph.D. Program

1st year: take required courses, decide on a concentration area, find an advisor and start constituting a committee

2nd year: complete the first general paper (data collection/fieldwork (if applicable), proposal and writing), deadline to form a PhD committee, continue taking required courses, satisfy the first language requirement

(We strongly recommend students finish taking all the required courses by the end of year 2 in the program. However, the deadline to do so is the end of year 3 to accommodate unavoidable scheduling conflicts.)

When the first generals paper is approved by the whole committee,  the student should email the GPCs ( and cc the administrator and GPA (Karoliina Kuisma at and Joyce Parvi at and the student’s committee chair on the email. The GPC then updates the progress status, and the administrator updates the employment status in the payroll system from Pre MA to PreDoc 1 (if applicable). The salary increase is implemented on the date of the successful exam.

3rd year: complete the second general paper, and take the general exam, deadline to finish taking required courses, satisfy the language requirement

4th year: dissertation proposal (Autumn, if not included in the general exam), start dissertation research and writing

5th year: finish writing the dissertation; dissertation defense