Linguistics Summer Courses 2024

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LING 200 (Summer 2024)
LING 234 (Summer 2024)

The Linguistics Department will be offering two courses this summer - LING 200, Introduction to Linguistics, and LING 234, Language and Diversity. Each course will be taught by Lorna Rozelle, and there are no pre-requisites.

Introduction to Linguistics (LING 200)

This course studies one of the most fundamental characteristics of humans, language. We will analyze language at all levels of linguistic structure, from phonetics to semantics, as well as look at topics in language acquisition, sociolinguistics, neurolinguistics, and signed languages.

This is a five-credit, in-person course that will run during the Summer 2024 A term. It will meet every day (MTWTHF) at 1:10-3:20pm.

LING 200 can be viewed here on MyPlan.

Language and Diversity (LING 234)

This course takes a wide view of language diversity, covering multilingualism around the world, as well as within a nation and an individual. We will examine topics in sociolinguistics, language genesis, language change and loss, language and identity, signed languages, language and education, and language and politics.

This is a five-credit course and will be run fully online and asynchronous, during the full Summer 2024 quarter (A + B term). This is a great choice for students spending the summer outside of Seattle who would still like to take some classes!

LING 234 can be viewed here on MyPlan.

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