Linguistics Society of America 2024 Conference

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Faculty and Student Group Photo at LSA

A number of department members (both graduate students and faculty) attended and the 2024 LSA conference in New York! Everyone had a great time presenting their research, meeting linguists, and learning about research from other institutions, as well as doing some exploring in NYC!

Here are some talks and sessions from the conference which involved department members:

  • LSA Organized Session. "The historical role of professional organizations in the emergence of the scientific community of linguists" - Frederick Newmeyer.
  • ADS Session 2. Chair - Betsy Evans.
  • Poster Session 1. “CoLang 2012: Innovative community involvement in the searing heat of the Kansas plains” - Arienne Dwyer.
  • LSA Phonology. Chair - Ellen Kaisse.
  • SSILA Tone & Intonation. “The role of phonation and tone in TAM in Yateé Zapotec” - Yuan Chai.
  • Poster Session 2. “Indirect Reciprocity in Japanese" - Toshiyuki Ogihara. 
  • Poster Session 2. “On the Interaction of Multidominance and Ellipsis” - Barbara Citko (with Martina Gracanin-Yuksek).
  • SSILA Orthography. “Orthography development in the Amazonian indigenous context: The case of Panãra” - Myriam Lapierre.
  • LSA Invited Plenary Address. “What we can do with what we know about how language works” - Emily Bender.
  • LSA Organized Session. "The ethics of peer review in linguistics" - Emily Bender.
  • LSA Special Interest Group. "East Asian Languages research with historical perspectives" - Zev Handel, Kyoko Sano, Edith Aldridge
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