UW linguists at Boston University Conference on Language Development

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Kaveri Sheth received the Paula Menyuk Award, given to "students who are first authors on top-rated abstracts", for her presentation (with Naja Ferjan Ramírez) on “Paternal and maternal parentese and infant vocabularies: A longitudinal corpus analysis”. Their study investigated maternal and paternal parentese and how it changes over the child's development. They found that both mothers and fathers increase the lexical and syntactic complexity of their parentese in a similar way. Paternal parentese is often neglected in this line of research.

            Altogether five members of the Language Development and Processing Lab, four of them UW linguists, presented their research at the 2021 BUCLD. 

  • Graduate student Katie Lindekugel and Ferjan Ramírez, “Electronic Media, language input, and language output in Latinx infants”
  • Undergraduate Lindsay Hippe (double major, Linguistics + Speech and Hearing Sciences) and Ferjan Ramírez, “Sibs and bibs - older siblings and infant vocabulary development”
  • Undergraduate Josephine Andert (Psychology major and LDP Lab member), Melissa Baralt (Florida International University), and Ferjan Ramírez, “Habla conmigo, papá: Fathers' language input in bilingual Latinx families”.
  • Elizabeth Huber (UW I-LABS), Ferjan Ramírez, Neva Corrigan (UW I-LABS), and Patricia Kuhl (UW I-LABS), “Parent coaching is linked to accelerated vocabulary aquisition: A one year follow-up study”.