Jiahui Huang, Memorial Service

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Jiahui Huang, Linguistics PhD

Jiahui Huang, linguist and teacher, passed away in a hiking accident at Mt. Rainier National Park on June 15, 2021 at the age of 29. He was born on November 9, 1991 in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China to Deqiang Huang and Yulan Zhang. He received a bachelor’s degree in Chinese Literature from Beijing Normal University in 2014, and a master’s degree in TESOL from the University of Pittsburgh in 2016. Jiahui was admitted to multiple highly-competitive PhD programs in 2016 and ultimately chose the Linguistics Department at the University of Washington.

At UW, Jiahui’s teaching and advising positively impacted hundreds of undergraduate students over the years. He presented his research on Chinese syntax at dozens of peer-reviewed linguistics conferences. His untimely passing was just months before completing his doctoral dissertation. His PhD was granted posthumously in July 2021.

Life’s little pleasures brought great joy to Jiahui. When not thinking about linguistics, he loved to make funny faces, drink boba tea, and listen to Cantonese songs by Twins and Miriam Yeung. He often wandered around bookstores and found beauty in the cherry blossoms on UW campus. Jiahui’s kindness and optimism never failed to cheer up everyone around him.

Jiahui will be fondly remembered and sorely missed by his father, mother, many friends, colleagues, and students. His love of life, inspiration to his family and friends, and scholarly contributions to the study of languages did not come to an end with his sudden departure.

Jiahui’s funeral will take place on July 9, 2021 at Evergreen Washelli Funeral Home in Seattle, Washington.

2-3pm Reception
3-4pm Memorial Service
4-5pm Cremation 

The memorial service will be conducted mainly in Cantonese and English and live-streamed on OneRoom. The livestream begins at 2pm (PST) and the memorial starts at 3pm (PST). https://view.oneroomstreaming.com/authorise.php?k=1624948676122627

If you cannot attend that day but would like to leave a written remembrance, you can use the following link:

愛子黃嘉輝,於2021年 6 月 15 號在美國西雅圖因登山事故不幸喪生,終年 29 歲。

嘉輝生前在華盛頓大學攻讀語言學博士,研究漢語句法學。他生前熱愛語言學和文學,曾任華大語言學系的句法學授課老師和本科生輔導員。他教過的學生稱讚他的課生動清晰,獲益匪淺。 嘉輝生前有志於鑽研漢語語言學和語言教學,他的突然離世對大家都是巨大的損失。

嘉輝的葬禮會在 2021 年 7 月 9 號於華盛頓州西雅圖的 Evergreen Washelli 殯儀館舉行。

時間表:美國西岸時間下午 2-3 點接待
3-4 點追悼會
4-5 點火葬

追悼會會主要以粵語和英語進行,並會在 OneRoom 直播。直播會在下午 2 點開始,追悼會在下午 3 點開始。 直播網址:https://view.oneroomstreaming.com/authorise.php?k=1624948676122627

如果你當日不能出席,亦可到以下網上吊唁冊留言: https://www.dignitymemorial.com/obituaries/seattle-wa/jiahui-huang-10248134/add-memory


父親 黃德強
母親 張玉蘭