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Poitiers, France
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Langue des Signes Francaise

Update on planned UW-L’Université de Poitiers exchange program

An opportunity to learn more about one of the historical underpinnings of ASL

A one-week exchange program at l’Université de Poitiers (UP), France, to be led by Kristi Winter along with local sign language linguist Caitlin Goldens, is planned for early fall 2022.  Activities will take place on the University of Poitiers campus, which has a renowned Langue des Signes Française (LSF) (French Sign Language) program focused on international collaboration and understanding that is well-suited for collaboration with visiting students. A weekend excursion to Paris for Deaf community-related activities is also planned.  

The purpose of the exchange program is to widen the cultural competencies of UW students studying either American Sign Language or French. During their visit to UP, ASL students will have the opportunity to:

  1. Learn some basic vocabulary and grammar of Langue des Signes Française
  2. Learn about the culture of the Deaf community of France, as well as the more general language and culture of France

UW Study Abroad will start accepting applications during Autumn 2021.