Take a linguistics or ASL course this summer!

Submitted by Molly Fitzmorris on

Are you thinking about taking a summer course?  Summer is beautiful on campus, and generally a little calmer than during the academic year.

 Three popular linguistics courses will be offered this summer: LING 269, Swearing and Taboo Language, LING 233, Introduction to Language and Society, and LING 234, Language and Diversity.  Take 269 if you're interested in learning more about why humans use taboo language, and about the diversity of taboo language across cultures.  Try 233 if you'd like to learn more about the varieties of English spoken in the United States.  Or take 234 if you're interested in language contact and language change.  Each of these classes promises to be fascinating.    

Also being offered are two intensive ASL courses. ASL 134, Intensive First Year ASL, has two sections, and ASL 234, Intensive Second Year ASL, has one.  ASL courses tend to fill very quickly, so grab your spot now if you're interested!

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