Take a course in linguistics this winter!

photo of UW campus with snow
campus in the snow

It's time to register for Winter Quarter courses!  Are you interested in learning about why people swear and what rules govern taboo language?  Perhaps you're curious about sign languages.  Or maybe you're interested in multilingualism and language contact?  Consider LING 269 (Swearing and Taboo Language), LING 403 (Linguistics of Signed Languages), or LING 234 (Language and Diversity).  None of these courses have prerequisites!  

If you've already taken an introductory course and you'd like to learn more about linguistics, consider taking LING 451, Phonology I, with our new Professor Gasper Begus!  Or you might consider taking LING 433, Sociolinguistics II, to learn more about conducting sociolinguistics research.  And students studying Chinese may be interested in LING 416, History of the Chinese Language.    

Check out the full list of linguistics and ASL courses being offered in Winter Quarter here.

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