Edith Aldridge Awarded Nostrand Endowed Professorship

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Edith Aldridge
Edith Aldridge Awarded Nostrand Endowed Fellowship

It is the Department of Linguistics' great pleasure to announce that Prof. Edith Aldridge has been awarded the Howard and Frances Nostrand Endowed Professorship. 

Prof. Aldridge has two main research concentrations. The first one is diachronic Chinese syntax. She collects sentences from Classical and Middle Chinese texts in order to perform synchronic analysis of the grammars of these respective times in order to identify processes and catalysts for the changes observed between the two periods. The other main prong of Prof. Aldridge’s research is comparative Austronesian syntax, where she focuses primarily on Philippine languages (especially Tagalog) and Formosan languages, which are the aboriginal languages of Taiwan. She gathers the Formosan data through fieldwork.

Prof. Aldridge teaches a variety of courses, primarily in the areas of syntax and historical linguistics. The Linguistics department deeply appreciates the continuing generosity of the Nostrand Endowment in encouraging research in language and cultural competence.