UW Faculty and Grads at LSA 2016 

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Linguists vote for Word of the Year 2015
Linguists vote for Word of the Year 2015
Katie Manlove at LSA
Katie Manlove at LSA
Katie and Alli at LSA
Linguists at LSA

UW Linguistics had a big showing at the Linguistic Society of America 2016 Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C. 

  • Emily Curtis: Metalinguistic awareness in school teachers and common knowledge of linguistics
  • Barbara Citko, Allison Germain: If you can't agree, move on! 
  • Amie DeJong: Nobody’s positive anymore: variation in polarity sensitivity
  • Kathleen Manlove: Such an interesting phrase! Degree inversion and the treatment of such
  • Esther Le Grézause: Discursive patterns of um and uh in spontaneous speech in Pacific Northwest American English
  • Daniel McCloy, Yurong (Inner Mongolia University), Sarala Puthuval: Phonetically-conditioned vowel deletion and devoicing in Chahar Mongolian
  • Toshiyuki Ogihara: Covert property ascription in Japanese relatives

Also in attendance were fourth year Rachael Tatman and recent MA grad Katy King.