UW Faculty and Grads at LSA 2016 

  • Linguists vote for Word of the Year 2015
    Linguists vote for Word of the Year 2015
  • Katie Manlove at LSA
    Katie Manlove at LSA
  • Katie and Alli at LSA
  • Linguists at LSA

UW Linguistics had a big showing at the Linguistic Society of America 2016 Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C. 

  • Emily Curtis: Metalinguistic awareness in school teachers and common knowledge of linguistics
  • Barbara Citko, Allison Germain: If you can't agree, move on! 
  • Amie DeJong: Nobody’s positive anymore: variation in polarity sensitivity
  • Kathleen Manlove: Such an interesting phrase! Degree inversion and the treatment of such
  • Esther Le Grézause: Discursive patterns of um and uh in spontaneous speech in Pacific Northwest American English
  • Daniel McCloy, Yurong (Inner Mongolia University), Sarala Puthuval: Phonetically-conditioned vowel deletion and devoicing in Chahar Mongolian
  • Toshiyuki Ogihara: Covert property ascription in Japanese relatives

Also in attendance were fourth year Rachael Tatman and recent MA grad Katy King.