Funding Approvals

The Linguistics department requires all faculty and staff to request approval in advance of spending UW funds (start-ups, grants, research/travel funds etc.). Our approval process has been updated in late June 2023. Please submit this approval form to receive approval for your purchase or activity-related spending. Once reviewed, either the Administrator or Program Coordinator will follow up with you via email to make arrangements. 

Requests will be reviewed weekly (biweekly during the summer quarter) by Chair and Administrator. No submissions will be reviewed between June 5-June 30, 2024. Once reviewed, either the Administrator or Program Coordinator will follow up with you via email to make arrangements. 

IMPORTANT! Reimbursement receipts must be submitted within 90 days of the purchase date. For travel reimbursements, receipts must be submitted no longer than 90 days after the end of travel For more information regarding the 90 Reimbursement Policy see the AST's resource section

Please select the options based on what you are looking to do. You can request approval to fund:

1. physical (computer devices, food, supplies, etc.) and non-physical goods (subscription, e-gift cards, etc.) 

2. travel (fares, lodging, per diem)

3. services (honorariums, invoices)

4. hiring someone (hourly employees, reader/grader etc.)

5. or anything else! (We can't imagine all the things you might need to do your work.)

In general, we prefer to make purchases on your behalf and not reimburse you but there can be exceptions. If we end up going the reimbursement route, please make sure to collect all of your receipts. Receipts in a foreign language need to be translated into English (machine translation is fine as long as it makes adequate sense). For lodging, you will need to submit the actual receipt, not a confirmation and finally, airfare receipts must show that fare is for economy/main cabin.

If you have any special notes about your need, please include those in the form. It's ok to submit tentative information as a starting point, too.

Traveling Abroad?

Please note that if you are traveling to a foreign country it is required by UW to register through the UW Global Travel Security. After you have submitted the form to the UW Global Travel Security you will receive an approval message through e-mail. The admin team will request a copy of this approval message before purchasing or reimbursing international travel. For more information on this policy, please see the Office of Global Affairs page here:


Some Best Practices
  • Always seek approval!
  • It costs the UW at least $50 to process a single reimbursement. If the department would like you to purchase and be reimbursed for items, you may be requested to bundle multiple reimbursements into a submission of no less than $50.
  • You do not have to email the administrator (or anyone else) about a projected purchase. The form will generate an email to Karoliina as well as an entry to an Excel sheet for records retention purposes. If your request is urgent, do ping Karoliina in Teams or stop by her office!