Financial Support

The following is information for undergraduates.

Scholarships & Financial Aid

Hourly Appointments

Occasionally the department has hourly positions open for communications, general administrative, and reader/grader positions for undergraduates. Pay depends on education, experience, and job duties. See the UW HR website for job profiles and the minimum rates for the City of Seattle. The department complies with all University and City of Seattle minimum rates. 

The following are the rates for July 1, 2021 through June 30, 2022:

  • Undergraduate student for communications or general administrative position without prior experience $16.69/hour
  • Undergraduate student  for communications or general administrative position with prior experience $17-17.34/hour
  • Undergraduate reader/grader starts at $17.22/hour

Faculty looking to hire must consult with the administrator before extending an offer to ensure that we comply with all HR regulations.