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Faculty Purchasing and Travel

The Linguistics department requires all faculty to request approval in advance of purchases. Please select the appropriate process.

Purchasing Physical Goods

The department preference is to purchase on your behalf any physical items such as equipment or office supplies. Please submit the Request Approval for Lab & Equipment Purchase and Linguistics staff will take care of it! 

Reimbursing Physical Goods

On rare occasions it is more convenient for faculty to purchase an item, such as a software subscription. For purchases you'd like to make and request reimbursement for, submit the first form. It may turn out that the department can actually purchase that item for you! However, if the department determines reimbursement is best, you will be notified via email of approval and asked to purchase. Then, you may proceed with the purchase and submit receipts for reimbursement through the second form. We recommend that you do not purchase and then submit for approval. Submit and receive approval first and then if notified, purchase and submit receipts.

  1. Request Approval for Lab & Equipment Purchase 
  2. Request Payment/Reimbursement for Pre-Approved Expenses

Purchasing Travel & Hosting

Some things are easier for faculty to purchase and request reimbursement. Examples include travel, conference registration, and food. In that case, please request approval in advance: Request Approval for Travel, Hosting, or Payments to Individual/Company.

You will receive a response after which you may purchase and submit invoices or receipts through Request Payment/Reimbursement for Pre-Approved Expenses. Please note this is should be after approval has been received through the form above.

Furthermore, if you are traveling to a foreign country it is required by UW to register through the UW Global Travel Security. After you have submitted the form to the UW Global Travel Security you will receive an approval message through e-mail. Please attach the approval message along with other receipts, bookings, lodging, and travel receipts. For more information on this policy, please see the Office of Global Affairs page here:

Paying People & Companies

To pay an honorarium, anyone for services (manuscript reading, for instance) or a company (a publication fee), use Request Approval for Travel, Hosting, or Payments to Individual/Company. The department will handle on your behalf.

Some Best Practices

  • Even if you think you will request reimbursement, submit the approval form before you purchase. Some expenses are not reimbursable and the department must purchase on your behalf. It is better to check with the department. 
  • It costs the UW at least $50 to process a single reimbursement. If the department would like you to purchase and be reimbursed for items, you may be requested to bundle multiple reimbursements into a submission of no less than $50.
  • You do not have to email the administrator about a projected purchase. Start with the form which will serve to alert the admin of your intentions as well as to route your request for permission!