Departmental Handbook

Drumheller Fountain in October.

The Linguistics Department is pleased to provide this Departmental Handbook as a resource for faculty, graduate students, and staff. It is meant to act as a helpful tool with several components including: an orientation manual, an FAQ about department policies, and a calendar aid for the annual calendar of the UW. 

You can search the document with keywords to find mentions of what it is you want to look up, and in the PDF the headers in the content section are live links.

The Handbook content was last updated on December 27, 2023. Please let the Administrator know if you notice something that needs to be updated, corrected, or added. Here's the content list as a preview.


Welcome to UW Linguistics. 6

Letter from the Chair 6

History of the Linguistics Department 6

Department Mission and Vision. 7

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. 8

People. 8

Important Locations. 12

Workplace Resources. 13

Website. 13

Website Profiles. 13

UW-IT and LLC Helpdesk. 13

UW Licensed Software. 14

Keys and keycards. 15

Equipment 15

Funding Approvals. 16

Funding for faculty. 16

Research and travel funds for faculty. 16

Lab funds. 17

Start-up funds. 17

Funding for graduate students. 17

Departmental research and travel funds. 17

Other UW funding for graduate student travel and research. 17

Traveling. 18

Disability Accommodations and Resources. 18

Booking an ASL interpreter 18

Textbooks. 18

Feedback Form.. 19

Committees. 19

Office Supplies. 19

Department Calendar 20

RICOH Printer, Copier, Scanner 20

Phones. 21

Regular Meetings and Reports. 21

Faculty Meetings. 21

Graduate Student Annual Reports. 21

Information for Visitors and New Personnel 22

Visitor Services. 22

Husky Card Services. 22

Transportation Services. 22

Resources for International Scholars. 22

UW Daily, UW Today, and UW Insider 23

Banking. 23

Housing. 23

Teaching Resources. 23

LING course scheduling workflow.. 23

LING course scheduling process. 24

Course Load. 26

Course Buyout 27

Coursebook Requests. 27

Add Codes and Faculty Codes. 27

Course Evaluations / IASystem.. 27

ASE Absences. 28

Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) 28

Time Schedule / Curriculum Planning. 28

Advising. 29

Grading. 29

Grade Grievances. 30

Records retention. 30

Linguistics Society of America (LSA) memberships for graduate students. 31

HR Resources. 31

Workday. 31

Payroll Essentials. 31

Required Employee Training. 32

Health & Safety Resources. 32

Building and Office Safety. 32

Work-related Accidents. 33

First Aid. 33

Building Evacuation Plan for Guggenheim Hall 34

Emergency Preparedness in the classrooms. 34

Employee Assistance Program EAP. 36

NightRide. 36

Sexual Assault Resources. 36

Husky HelpLine for Students. 36

LiveWell 37

Crisis Text Line. 37

SafeCampus. 37

Hall Health Center 37

Work-Life Balance. 38

UW Recreation. 38

WholeU.. 38

Registering for Classes as an Employee. 39

Student Resources. 39

Writing Consultations for Graduate Students. 39

Center for Speach and Debate. 39

Foundation for International Understanding Through Students (FIUTS) 39

International Student Services (ISS) 40

Disability Resources for Students (DRS) 40

Student Taxes. 40

Veterans Education Benefits. 40

Graduate and Professional Student Senate. 40

Career and Internship Center 41

Simpson Center for the Humanities. 41

Alt-Ac (“Alternative Academic”) Career Resources. 41

Colloquia. 42

Funding Linguistics Graduate Students’ Study. 42

Types of ASEs. 43

Funding of ASE positions. 43

Making departmental ASE assignments. 44

Graduate Funding Information System at Allen Library. 45

The Office of Fellowships and Awards at the Graduate School 46

Finding an Assistantship Position. 46

Graduate Student Health Insurance. 46

No-cost services at Hall Health & UW Counseling Center 47

UW International Student Health Insurance Plan (ISHIP) 47

Graduate Student How-To Guide. 47

How to Get your MA. 47

How to Get your PhD. 48

Academic Student Employees (ASE) in the department 48

Graduate Student F.A.Q. 49

What should I do now, during my first few quarters of graduate study?. 49

If I change my address or other personal information, who should I contact?. 49

Are there any grade requirements for graduate students? Can I take classes pass/fail?. 50

How long do I have to finish my degree(s)?. 50

What does it mean to go on-leave, and when can I do it? What are the policies and/or restrictions regarding being on-leave?. 50

What is the process for going on-leave?. 51

What is this MyGrad thing? How do I submit requests to graduate, petitions to go on leave, requests for general exams, etc.?. 51

Appendix. 52

Update Printer Setting to Print Double-sided and B&W.. 52