Courses - Spring 2014

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Spring 2014

American Sign Language (ASL) Courses

Coursesort descending Course Title (click for details) SLN Instructor Meeting Time
ASL 103 A Elementary American Sign Language III 10559 Lance Forshay MTWThF 10:30am - 11:20am
ASL 103 B Elementary American Sign Language III 10560 Lance Forshay MTWThF 11:30am - 12:20pm
ASL 103 C Elementary American Sign Language III 10561 Kristi Winter MTWThF 10:30am - 11:20am
ASL 103 D Elementary American Sign Language III 10562 Kristi Winter MTWThF 2:30pm - 3:20pm
ASL 203 A Intermediate American Sign Language III 10563 Kristi Winter MTWThF 9:30am - 10:20am
ASL 305 A Introduction To American Deaf Culture 10564 Lance Forshay MWF 12:30pm - 1:20pm
ASL 499 A Independent Study Or Research 10565 to be arranged

Linguistics (LING) Courses

Coursesort descending Course Title (click for details) SLN Instructor Meeting Time
LING 575 F Topics In Computational Linguistics 15960 Daniela Braga Th 3:30pm - 5:50pm
LING 499 A Undergraduate Research 15946 to be arranged
LING 575 E Topics In Computational Linguistics 15959 Daniela Braga Th 3:30pm - 5:50pm
LING 100 A Fundamentals Of Grammar 15913 Clarissa Surek-Clark MWF 8:30am - 9:20am
LING 499 B Undergraduate Research 15947 to be arranged
LING 575 D Topics In Computational Linguistics 15958 Gina-Anne Levow T 3:30pm - 5:50pm
LING 100 AA Fundamentals Of Grammar 15914 Allison Germain Th 8:30am - 9:20am
LING 509 A Syntactic Theory III 15948 Barbara Citko TTh 10:30am - 12:20pm
LING 575 C Topics In Computational Linguistics 15957 Daniela Braga Th 3:30pm - 5:50pm
LING 100 AB Fundamentals Of Grammar 15915 Allison Germain Th 9:30am - 10:20am
LING 548 A Second/foreign Language Teaching Capstone Project 20789 to be arranged
LING 100 AC Fundamentals Of Grammar 15916 Allison Germain Th 11:30am - 12:20pm
LING 550 A Introduction To Linguistic Phonetics 15950 Sharon Hargus MW 8:30am - 10:20am
LING 100 AD Fundamentals Of Grammar 15917 Nathan Loggins Th 12:30pm - 1:20pm
LING 550 B Introduction To Linguistic Phonetics 20749 Sharon Hargus MW 8:30am - 10:20am
LING 100 AI Fundamentals Of Grammar 15922 Nathan Loggins Th 8:30am - 9:20am
LING 551 A Phonology I: Introduction To Phonological Analysis 15951 Sharon Hargus MW 10:30am - 12:20pm
LING 100 AJ Fundamentals Of Grammar 15923 Nathan Loggins Th 9:30am - 10:20am
LING 552 A Phonology II: Advanced Phonology 15952 Ellen Kaisse MW 10:30am - 12:20pm
LING 100 AK Fundamentals Of Grammar 15924 Nathan Loggins Th 11:30am - 12:20pm
LING 590 A Graduate Fieldwork 15965 to be arranged
LING 100 AL Fundamentals Of Grammar 15925 Allison Germain Th 12:30pm - 1:20pm
LING 599 A Linguistics Colloquium 15966 Julia Herschensohn F 3:30pm - 5:20pm
LING 200 A Introduction To Linguistic Thought 15926 Laura McGarrity MWF 2:30pm - 3:20pm
LING 599 B Linguistics Colloquium 15967 Julia Herschensohn F 1:30pm - 3:20pm
LING 200 AA Introduction To Linguistic Thought 15927 Justin Mitchel Goodenkauf TTh 9:30am - 10:20am
LING 700 A Master's Thesis 15970 to be arranged
LING 200 AB Introduction To Linguistic Thought 15928 Justin Mitchel Goodenkauf TTh 10:30am - 11:20am
LING 700 B Master's Thesis 15971 to be arranged
LING 800 A Doctoral Dissertation 15972 to be arranged
LING 200 AC Introduction To Linguistic Thought 15929 Laura Panfili TTh 12:30pm - 1:20pm
LING 600 A Independent Study Or Research 15968 to be arranged
LING 200 AD Introduction To Linguistic Thought 15930 Andrew Livingston TTh 12:30pm - 1:20pm
LING 600 B Independent Study Or Research 15969 to be arranged
LING 200 AE Introduction To Linguistic Thought 15931 Laura Panfili TTh 1:30pm - 2:20pm
LING 200 AF Introduction To Linguistic Thought 15932 Andrew Livingston TTh 2:30pm - 3:20pm
LING 200 AG Introduction To Linguistic Thought 15933 Chak Lam Colum Yip TTh 2:30pm - 3:20pm
LING 200 B Introduction To Linguistic Thought 15934 Laura McGarrity to be arranged
LING 200 C Introduction To Linguistic Thought 15935 to be arranged
LING 220 A Origins Of The Germanic Languages 15936 Joseph B. Voyles MTWThF 10:30am - 11:20am
LING 400 A Survey Of Linguistic Method And Theory 15937 Yin Li TTh 8:30am - 10:20am
LING 419 A Romance Linguistics Senior Essay 20944 to be arranged
LING 573 A Natural Language Processing Systems And Applications 15953 Gina-Anne Levow TTh 1:30pm - 2:50pm
LING 450 A Introduction To Linguistic Phonetics 15938 Sharon Hargus MW 8:30am - 10:20am
LING 573 B Natural Language Processing Systems And Applications 15954 Gina-Anne Levow TTh 1:30pm - 2:50pm
LING 451 A Phonology I 15939 Sharon Hargus MW 10:30am - 12:20pm
LING 575 A Topics In Computational Linguistics 15955 Gina-Anne Levow T 3:30pm - 5:50pm
LING 452 A Phonology II 15940 Ellen Kaisse MW 10:30am - 12:20pm
LING 575 B Topics In Computational Linguistics 15956 Gina-Anne Levow T 3:30pm - 5:50pm
LING 454 A Methods In Comparative Linguistics 20611 Zev Handel MW 12:30pm - 2:20pm
LING 580 D Problems In Linguistics 15964 Barbara Citko Th 3:30pm - 5:50pm
LING 462 A Syntax II 15941 Karen Zagona TTh 10:30am - 12:20pm
LING 580 C Problems In Linguistics 15963 Barbara Citko Th 3:30pm - 5:50pm
LING 464 A Language Politics And Cultural Identity 15942 Laada M. Bilaniuk TTh 10:30am - 11:50am
LING 580 B Problems In Linguistics 15962 Ellen Kaisse M 3:30pm - 5:50pm
LING 472 A Introduction To Computational Linguistics 15943 Prescott Klassen MW 1:30pm - 2:50pm
LING 580 A Problems In Linguistics 15961 Ellen Kaisse M 3:30pm - 5:50pm
LING 472 AA Introduction To Computational Linguistics 15944 David Inman F 1:30pm - 2:20pm
LING 575 G Topics In Computational Linguistics 20748 Sharon Hargus to be arranged
LING 490 A Undergraduate Fieldwork 15945 to be arranged