Staff Resources


For information on UW Benefits, consult either the classified staff or professional staff page, based on your designation If you are uncertain which you are, consult the Linguistics administrator.

Shared Drive

Linguistics staff use OneDrive to store shared files. If you need access, please contact the administrator.

Tuition Exemption Program

The University of Washington, Department of Linguistics has a long and proud tradition of supporting its staff in self-improvement related to work functions. This support has extended to working with a staff member that is interested in taking classes at the University of Washington that comply with the IRS guidance found on the tuition exemption form. It should be noted that this support is not a substitute for the work that is required in the Department of Linguistics. The work comes first. The Department's commitment is to work with the staff member to be as flexible as possible in allowing for the classes, while never shirking the work that is required. If there are any questions about this program or the expectations that are associated with it, kindly contact the administrator.