Request Approval for Purchases or Payments to Individual/Company

Please fill out the form to request approval for the following:

  • Travel, especially if you will request reimbursement for travel expenses afterwards.
  • Support for a guest speaker to give a talk. The request may include funds for honorarium, travel, or hosting;
  • Research expense;
  • Any meals or hosting with food. All food-related requests with the exception of Linguistics Colloquia should attach the food form below.

Do not use this form for lab purchases. Please use Request Approval for Lab Purchases.

This form routes to the appropriate party for approval. You will be notified of the approval. 

If you have several requests you will have to submit separate requests. Example: a request to travel to a conference and a request to purchase a backup drive. However, you can combine related requests. Example: request a payment for a guest speaker and funds to host the guest speaker for dinner. 

1 Start 2 Complete
If yes, call / text the chair. If the chair is unreachable, contact the administrator through email / phone / text.
Once your request is approved, Linguistics staff will use the information you provide to pay the person or invoice.
Example: honorarium for guest speaker in LING XXX.
Remember that when you request reimbursement for meals you will need to have both the itemized restaurant receipt and the credit card receipt with the total for food and tip.
Submit food purchase requests with a food form (see link above). The only exception is the Linguistics Colloquia which do not require you to send in the food form. When you fill out the form, list yourself as the department contact name and name of training/meeting coordinator. Leave Budget Number and Approval boxes blank. Remember when you submit for reimbursement that food purchases for a colloquium or reception only require a general list ("Linguistics grad students") but seated meals should have a complete list of attendees.
Give the anticipated cost of the travel / purchase. If this request is for an honorarium, please provide the exact amount.
Please enter anything that you think is important for us to know about your request.
Any attachments relevant to your request such as the food form, an invoice or invitation to a guest speaker.
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: jpg jpeg png pdf doc docx xls xlsx.