Prospective Students

Prospective Majors and Minors

The Department of Linguistics offers Bachelor of Arts degrees in both General Linguistics and Romance Linguistics, as well as minors in General Linguistics and American Sign Language. Instructions about how to declare a major or minor are on the respective degree's page:

Prospective Graduate Students

Our department offers programs of study for graduate students leading to the degree of Ph.D. in Linguistics, with tracks in General Linguistics or Computational Linguistics.  For details about the doctoral program, see the links below.

A Professional Master's in Computational Linguistics is also available through the UW's Professional & Continuing Education program.

The major interests of the core faculty of the Linguistics Department lie in syntax, phonology, morphology, semantics, phonetics, sociolinguistics, computational linguistics, and in theoretical aspects of second language acquisition. Graduate students working in these areas will therefore be best served and feel most at home in the department. Please note that the department does not have a program in language pedagogy or applied linguistics. The MA-TESL degree is administered through the Department of English.

Students not interested in a degree can earn limited graduate credit in linguistics by applying for graduate nonmatriculated status. Graduate nonmatriculated admission is handled by the Educational Outreach office. A downloadable/printable version of the graduate nonmatriculated application in PDF format is also available on-line. If the student later chooses to become a matriculated student, he or she may petition to have twelve graduate nonmatriculated credits (3-4 courses) applied to a graduate degree.