LING 580 C: Problems In Linguistics

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Th 3:30pm - 5:50pm
PAR 206
Betsy Evans

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LING 580:Special topics in Sociolinguistics: Language Regard

Course Description

In this seminar we will explore how popular perceptions and attitudes contribute to the differential valuation of language and the effects of these valuations. We examine theories of attitudes and social cognition, the methods used in language attitudes research and attitude measurement, the organization of belief systems, stereotypes and 'folk perceptions'.


Student learning goals

  • Students will be able to describe research on language regard succinctly in writing and discussion
  • Students will understand the relevance of attitudes and perception research to linguistics
  • Students will be able to design/assess research projects that explore language regard
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Advanced study in current theories of syntax, semantics, phonology, or morphology. Can be repeated for credit.
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